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The Prison Cell

I write lots of poems, this is one of my brother's favorites.

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My husband had never had a record, he's 40 years now, all because of this …

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© Jake Wilson

Published: Jul 2008

The Cell

Come in and take a seat, at long last we get to meet.

I know that you are here for committing a crime, so lets you and me do some time.

I've got some things I'd like to say, I will see you change from day to day.

The thoughts you will have, the things you will feel, I will be here for your every meal.

You will feel some sadness and you will feel alone at night, you will say "I wish that I were home", make the best of the time you've got, and let's hope that it's not a lot.

One day we will part, yes, you and me, that is the day they set you free.

I'm sure you want to know my name, it hasn't changed, it's still the same. We are both together in this man made hell.

Glad to meet you, I'm your prison cell.


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  • by Bathurst Nsw Australia
  • Mar 2013

My husband had never had a record, he's 40 years now, all because of this mental illness he has, which is a voice made him snap, so he took a hammer to the hospital, and smashed the nurses triage window that they sit behind, and treated them with a stanley knife, he's in maximum security in a lock down cell 21 hours a day, he even eats his meals in there, and gets let out for 1 hour after each one, I cry every day and more at night I'm up till 3.00 am until I started reading all these stories and poems and realized I wasn't alone.


  • by Noel Potter , Danville KY
  • Jan 2013

You have written some very deep emotional poems that pass on the meaning of the hurt the loved ones as well as the person doing time feels inside. So many people can not understand what it is like because they haven't felt those feelings, so they find it easy to pass on judgment to those of us that have went through some thing like prison, jail, and even more so towards those who stand by those inside, they can not even come close to understand, thank you for sharing.


  • by Janet Hebert, Michigan
  • Feb 2011

I have a son in prison, and I'm sure he can relate to this poem very well. Even more then I can. I'm a poet too, and I recognize the talent you have as a writer. Your poem says it like it is. Right to the point !! I like your work. Thank you for sharing.


  • by Darla Lawrenceburg, KY
  • Mar 2010

My nephew is very young and in prison. Even though I'm his Aunt, we are very close in age and it's hard for me to imagine what it's like. This poem kind of put me there. I will be sending him a copy.


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