Sister Poem

Sibling Rivalry

Why are some born with all the luck, and all the talent?

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© Nicki D. Thomure

Published: Feb 2006


Looking in a book of 1,000 pictures
And I finally find one of just me
And it seems it's the smallest one there
There are thousands of that blonde beauty
She has everything I don't
Love from you, talent, and beauty
She gets all the glory
And I get none.

Just for one moment
I wish I could stand up on that stage
And do what she does
As you watch her and a tear comes down
A second later, you yell at me
For one moment, I want to do that
She gets all the glory
And I get none

It seems you look at me
And see a mistake that you made
You look at her
And see something that you've always wanted
I want to feel loved and wanted
By the one that should mean something to me
She gets all the glory
And I get none

In every room
There are trophies that showcase her talent
On every shelf, on every wall
There's pictures of her that showcase her beauty
For once, I want to be that blonde beauty
She gets all the glory
And I get none

That's always how it's going to be.


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