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I wrote this after my friends mother died, she seems to get strength from it, of that I am so glad.

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I lost my younger brother 5 years ago, and still can't get over the loss. …

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© Stephen Hamer

Published: Feb 2010

Still Here

Remember them like they're still here
Even though they are not
They have gone to a better place
Somewhere we are not

The feeling of loss we get
Some people don't understand
Just to get one more day
When our parent walked this land

I wasn't there that morning
When my father passed away
I didn't get to tell him
All the things I had to say

You and your mum where best of friends
Remember that's what you told me
So speak like she's still here
Tell your kids the stories
They won't think your queer

So don't be ashamed
Because I am not
To talk about them
They gave us a lot



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  • by Yvonne, Dubai
  • Aug 2012

I lost my younger brother 5 years ago, and still can't get over the loss. We were very close to one another, and shared all our joys and sorrows with each other. He died very suddenly, and at the time when he died, I couldn't cry, as I was in shock for a few months. When I cried, it was much later, and then I started crying everyday. I missed him so much, and I was really sick with the pain, that I thought God was going to take me away too. We were both married with children, but were separated from our spouses. We could understand each other's sorrows so well, as we went through a lot in our marriages, which we could both relate to. My other brothers and sister could not understand us both as well. I really miss talking to him and telling him what was in my heart. He was so understanding and caring, and helped me a lot in my in many ways.
Even after 5 years of him being gone, I want to cry when I think of him. He was such a beautiful person, and he had such a sad life.


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