Angry Poem about Family

Thank You Dad.. Not

Thanks Dad. That's all I can say.

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This poem has touched my soul. I am so sorry all of us can relate exactly …

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Published: Nov 2009


Thanks for believing in me.
Thanks for showing me you care.
Thanks for holding my hand
Thanks for being there.
Thanks for being the best
Thanks for making me glad
Thanks for loving me with all your heart.
Thanks for being my dad.

^Now after every 'thanks for' add never.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Kristine, Moreno Valley Ca
  • 3/20/2014

This poem has touched my soul. I am so sorry all of us can relate exactly to this. My dad has always left and came back once in a blue moon. They don't understand that even when they leave when your small is when it takes the biggest toll on somebody. No matter how old we are we will always carry such sorrow and hatred towards life all because of a careless parent.


  • by Nadia, New South Wales
  • 2/2/2014

Doesn't it hurt, when your parents aren't there. You can never live up to their expectations no matter how hard you try, you'll never be good enough for them.


  • by Maranda, Columbia
  • Jan 2013

Same with my dad. He can't bring back the past anymore. I'm done with him.


  • by Brandon, Canada
  • Jan 2013

I know how you feel. It's the same with my Father.
He wasn't really a dad to me after I moved back to his house. less so, now that I've moved back to my mom's. I'm not too sure if you would want to take the same route, though. He lost me forever.


  • by Jessica,Tulare CA
  • May 2010

This poem is like me and my dad sure he's "there" but he's never really there. He was in the house, he was there when I got home from school and when I woke up in the morning, but he wasn't there for me. He once gave me a necklace that said "daddy's little girl". I never wear it and when he asked why, I said because it wasn't true, that I wasn't his little girl I was just another burden on his shoulders, so why tell people a lie. So if you have problems with your dad try and tell him. I haven't yet but the longer I wait the madder I become, so don't wait, tell him how you feel, or write him it may be easier to have him read it then for you to say it.


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