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A mother sharing the pain of missing children. Who have been gone for a year, no see no hear. She is currently fighting the guardian for the return of her boys...

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Looking for comfort. I'm a grieving mother, who lost her son in the year …

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© Jessica Velez

Published: Nov 2009

The Pain Of Missing You

I never knew a broken heart could keep on breaking.
You keep on sending your love but no ones there to take it.
Rivers of tears keep a steady flow…
But no ones there to know.
It's you, you who I want to know.
You who I want to see…
All of what I think and feel, It's you I want here with me.
Not a day goes by without wishing for a hug a kiss, a laugh, a cry…
For soothing hurts, tucking you into bed, or just a simple touch.
Not a night goes by I don't miss you so…. Much!!!
Or my heart doesn't break just a lil' bit more.
Shards turned to ice constantly falling to the floor.
I don't believe in god, but still I pray.
That some how some day
You'll be back in my life
For always and forever
And I'll never let you go again

For; Wayne & Kai
My baby boys


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  • by Montebello,California
  • Aug 2011

Looking for comfort. I'm a grieving mother, who lost her son in the year 2000. The day he died was when I became a different person. I live in a shell of a body, who is trying to go on with life, for the sake of my youngest son. They say it gets easier in time. Why does it still feel like it was yesterday? I miss my son, so very much, he was a good person with a big heart. I'm still asking WHY? he was only 20 years old. Just wished that I could of told him how proud I was to be his mother. Isaac!!! I missing you so very much... :(


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