Death of a Friend Poem

Poem To A Best Friend Who Has Died

I'm a 13 year old girl and I live in West Fork, AR. Writing has always been my passion and I hope to continue it. This poem is a dedication to my best friend who has died, Katelyn Nicole (R.I.P dear will never be forgotten).

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My brother's friend just died yesterday and he is going through a rough …

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© Avarie Dana

Published: Mar 2009

I Won't Let You Go

Cover my eyes.
Cover my ears.
Tell me these words are a lie.
I won't let you fly.
I won't say good-bye.
I won't let you go.
I refuse to let you go.
I won't lose you.
I refuse to lose you.
I'm afraid that if I let you go, that you won't come back.
I know that strength is the ability that I lack.
I already had to watch them lower you below.
Please don't make the pain last forever
When I ask if you'll leave me
I wonder if you'll say never…


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  • by Swanto Nohio
  • 5/1/2014

My brother's friend just died yesterday and he is going through a rough time and I'm sitting here watching him go through it and all I can do is be there for him. I love my brother with all my heart and I just keep comforting him.


  • by Indy, Australia
  • Jun 2011

I'm 10 years old and I have had 2 friends that have died in 2006 my friend Emily had anorexia and in 2010 my other friend her name was Jessie she had a disease called NF it was the most hardest thing ever.


  • by Shannon
  • Nov 2010

I understand how you feel. When I was thirteen I lost my first and best friend .We had been friends for nine years. It was the worst pain I ever felt and still is. I am 22 now and I still think about her daily especially when I see her mother. I am very sorry for your loss .Writing helped me a lot and hope it does you as well. Your poem is very good . Your friend will always be around in spirit even when you think they aren't. Hope you the best of luck.


  • by Mary
  • May 2010

I think your poem is very good and I understand how you feel. I'm 22 now but when I was 13 I lost my best friend as well and it was one of the most horrible experiences I had ever went through. Like with you I started writing poetry after the death of my best friend and it truly helped me cope. Best of luck to you.


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