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Poem To Daughter From A Dying Father

I wrote this poem the day before my son (33) passed away with cancer, leaving behind his, at that time, 2 year old daughter

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This poem spoke to me! My dad died 4 months ago today, I am 16. Even …

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© Debra Denslow

Published: Jan 2011

To My Daughter

I just wanted
you to know
how much I wanted to be there to watch
you grow.
Do the things a daddy
does with you,
But God had other plans
I am so sorry I was so sick
the last year,
that we didn't get
quality time to share.
But I want you to know
I will always be watching over you as
you grow, Just remember I love you
and if you need me ask God in your prayers
to send your angel and
I will be there.


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  • by Sammy Jo
  • Sep 2011

This poem spoke to me! My dad died 4 months ago today, I am 16. Even though I've grown up from his little girl he will never get to see me graduate, get married, start a family! All the things that a father is supposed to be there for, mine won't be. My dad died from Cirrhosis, me and my brothers watched him suffer for at least a year. And we knew when he passed he would be in a better place. And even though he was responsible for his death, I still wish he was here at our house in his chair sitting there watching TV!
I love my dad and I always will! He will be my inspiration to keep living life like there's no tomorrow! I hope the author of this poem got something out of writing it because I got something out of her words! Thank you Debra!


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