Father Child Poem

A father leaves his child and she is filled with grief. When he returns she again feels complete.

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It remind me of my lovely dad

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© Crystal L. Pelletier

Published: Feb 2006

Where Are You Dad?? Are You Coming Home?

Where is my dad? Where could he be?
Sometimes, I feel like he's hiding from me.
Is he alive or is he dead?
Sometimes, I wonder what's going though his head.
Does he love me? Does he care?
Does he miss the moments we used to share?
I miss my dad and I don't know what to believe,
I hear he's drunk, I hear he's a thief.
There's a part of me that loves him and a part of me that cares,
But then, I have doubts 'cause he's never there.
Is he happy? Or is he sad?
Was it worth it to lose everything he had?
Sometimes I wonder, does he even care,
Does he make an effort? Does he even know I'm there?
Are you wealthy? Or are you poor?
Am I still the child, you used to adore?
For now I think back, to the memories we've had,
But sometimes, I kinda' wonder, do I still have a dad?

Dedicated to: Dad, thanks for coming back into my life.
I now feel complete.


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  • by Oyugis, Kenya
  • 3/9/2014

It remind me of my lovely dad


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