Grandfather Death Poem

This poem was written just for my Grandpa. He's the rock of my life. I love him so much.

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Thank you for making this poem it reminds me of my grand father who passed …

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© Erika Kent

Published: Jul 2013

An Angel Sent To Heaven

Sometimes I feel all alone,
Because God sent him home.
We used to be so close,
But I miss him the most.
I used to ask him for prayer,
But now it's as he's not even here.
When he stepped on Heaven's shore,
Oh how he couldn't love God more.
He opened the door,
He kissed the floor.
We can talk about God all day,
And the memories we have will never fade away.
I shed a tear every night,
I tell God and my Grandpa goodnight.
Life had it's ups and downs,
But you turned life all around.
Cancer ate him alive as he tried to survive,
Someday we all have to die,
Now he's a beautiful angel up in the sky.
I know you're in a better place,
But I can't wait till I can see your face.
I know you're watching over me and guiding me in everything I do.
The prayers you prayed, and the things you did,
I want to say thank you and I love you.


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  • by Mary Savannah S. Suarez
  • 4/7/2014

Thank you for making this poem it reminds me of my grand father who passed away when I was still small. He passed away from a heart attack and he died in our house. My wish is to meet him in real life:-((((


  • by Lels, Adelaide
  • 2/10/2014

My grandfather passed away two years ago and this poem said everything I needed!!! He was definitely my rock, I could tell him anything, we were really close until I had to move to Adelaide with mum, dad and my siblings! It was one of the most hardest things to do! My grandfather passed away from lung cancer but I couldn't go to his funeral cause it was in South Africa :( I miss him so much!


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