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Dad That's Never There Poem

A girl experiences pain that her father is so often no present in her life.

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My dad divorced my mom and forgot how his children might feel. It broke my …

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© Shana M. Rusk

Published: Feb 2006


My dad is never there,
My dad is always gone...
My dad really cares,
he just is never there...
I know he loves me so,
I just wish he would let it show..
I hate how he always leaves,
and stays away for so long..
I wish my daddy would show me love,
for I am his little girl...
Please daddy, don't go....
Mommy always misses you as I do too...
So why keep going, when it hurts us so????


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  • by Kaycee, Ceres, California
  • Jul 2012

My dad divorced my mom and forgot how his children might feel. It broke my heart. I was his little girl, daddy's little angel but nope it didn't phase him. A few years later he got remarried and paid attention to his new wife's little sister and forgot about me it ___ this ____ that and he forgot my birthday my dance recital. I miss his hugs, his kisses, his goodnights, but most of all I MISS dad


  • by Alyssa
  • Apr 2011

This touched my heart, my dad has never been in my life. He has always been in and out of jail my whole, life felt as if he didn't care about me, or love me in anyway! This poem was great thanks for sharing!


  • by Melissa
  • Jan 2011

This poem simply tells exactly how I feel about my dad. It brought a few tears to my eyes, because it explains so much for me.


  • by marina
  • Dec 2008

my dad was always in and out of jail and I felt like he didn't love me


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