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Poem For Child To Be Read After Mom Passes Away

A mother writes a poem to her child to be read after she passes away. In it she tells her child how much she loves and misses her, and tells she will always be watching over her.

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yes this poem touched me because my sister died when she was 19 and she …

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© Jesse M. Morrow

Published: Feb 2006

Dear Child

Dear child, if you are reading this
Then you know
I have passed away

Dear child, please forgive me
For there are so many things
I wanted to say

Dear child, I should have told you
I love you every day
It is amazing the perspective you get
When you are about to pass away

Dear child, I want you to know
That I will always be with you
And whatever hardship lies in your way
Know that Mommy is watching over you
Each and every day

Dear Child, please try not to be upset with me
I have made arrangements so that
You will have someone loving you constantly

Dear child, it seems God
Had a different plan for me
I love you forever
My baby you will always be


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Lil Ricky
  • Dec 2010

yes this poem touched me because my sister died when she was 19 and she was pregnant but the baby lived and that is why it touched me..



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