Mother Death Poem

This poem was written in honor of my wonderful Mother, Betty Nitteberg, who died August 7, 1998. It was written by me to read to her to let her know it was okay to let go - she had been in a coma for 2 days and wasn't coming back to us. She died from an unknown cancer that got in her blood and took her in 3 weeks. She was always the rock and it feels like she just left us yesterday. Missing you, Dad, Bruce, Marilyn, Lynna and Julie. We love you.

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© Marilyn Haan

Published: Mar 2011

Sleep Mama Sleep

Sleep Mama sleep,
It's time to go to sleep.

So close your eyes
And rest your head
You must be tired now.

Sleep Mama sleep,
It's time to go to sleep.

We've kissed your cheek
And held your hand
We must let you go now.

Sleep Mama sleep,
It's time to go to sleep.

The angels are here
And will keep you safe and warm
They must carry you home now.

Sleep Mama sleep
It's time...
You've gone to sleep now...

Sweet peaceful dreams,
We love you.


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