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In Loving Memory SFC Christopher Dale Henderson KIA 17 June 07 Always Loved Never Forgotten

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My twin sister passed away last Sunday after almost 2 weeks in the hospital. My heart is broken and I cannot believe I can't call her today. We lived 5 minutes away and we were as one. Actually, …

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Published: Jan 2008

My Twin

It's Twins
One Boy, One Girl
Oh.. What a wonderful Bond

Inseparable from birth
You couldn't find one
without the other

Who would have known
We would be forever torn apart

The day you died
Will be one I remember for all time

You came to say good-bye
I just wish I would have known it would
be the last

You were a wonderful brother
A wonderful friend

I can't believe
I have to go on with out my twin

You will forever be a part of me
I love you always

Your twin sister


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  • by Joan Jones, Raleigh, NC
  • 5/10/2014

My twin sister passed away last Sunday after almost 2 weeks in the hospital. My heart is broken and I cannot believe I can't call her today. We lived 5 minutes away and we were as one. Actually, she has twin sons who are 39 years old. My life will never be the same. I was 13 minutes older and I always called her my precious little girl. I have so many wonderful memories together, but that does not fix the hurt I have. We talked every day on the phone (3-5 times a day) if it was nothing but to say, I miss and love you. We job shared in one of her son's office. Can anyone share something with me how I am going to survive without her?


  • by Declan
  • 3/3/2014

My twin died the same time I was born. I don't know how I have gotten this far without him.


  • by Karin
  • Nov 2013

My twin, girl and boy, was born Jan 22 1996. Two years later my son was in a drowning incident, but survived and recovered completely. The next year his twin sister was given the wrong medicine and did not recover. She was cerebral palsied and passed away eight years later. Nothing will ever be the same, but the love we now have as a family will stay forever. We are grateful for every new morning. She will always be our brightest morning star.


  • by Oak Ridge Tn
  • Nov 2013

I had a twin brother whom was killed in 1991 in a motorcycle accident. Tomorrow is our birthday and I miss him so much. When we started Elementary School I was taken from my biological parents because, they didn't want a girl. I was abused badly and even locked in a closet not allowed to eat with the others. They had 7 more kids after me and my twin. Two sets of twins. The second set they named Bonnie and Clyde. Anyways, I only got to celebrate one birthday with my twin and I always dreamed when we got older we would celebrate together but, he was taken from me. We gradated high school and saw each other the week before his accident. That weekend I was with a friend and her boyfriend when I had the worst feeling in my life I told her I needed to go home. She said just wait a little longer. I got to her house finally and my husband told me he was killed.


  • by Linda Mcnease, Pearl River, La. 70452
  • Oct 2013

My name is Linda and my twins name is Laura. We were born Sept. 8, 1961. We had a hard life, every kind of abuse you can think of. We survived because we had each other. Last year my sister was told she is dying. She lives in North Mississippi and I live in Southeast La. Every day I cry because I can't afford to move near her. I can't stand to hear the phone ring because it might be about her. I would give anything to be able to be with her. I was there when she came in this world and I pray everyday to be with her when she leaves. Please, God, let me be there. Sorry. Make every minute count that you have with your twin. Don't know how I'll live without her.


  • by Anna, Ireland
  • Sep 2013

I had a twin but he died before I could meet him. in my family it is all girls and my family gives my mom a hard time about not having a boy. I wonder why I was the one who lived not my brother why I am here now and he is not, I feel as if a part of me is missing all the time. I sit alone a lot for the quietness and I feel there for a moment that he could be there. I am the youngest so I don't really have any one to talk to and that is when I miss my brother the most. I feel like I know him but I don't, my heart mourns and misses some one its never known how can it be? When there should of been 2 there was 1 and it was just me another girl. What would he look like how tall would he be, would he have my hair color and eye color all questions left in my mind. Right now I would love to have a brother who could be there for me and just hug me but there is just an empty space in my life and in my heart and there is no cure. I miss you and love you bro.


  • by Glasgow, Scotland
  • Apr 2013

I lost my twin brother when I just turned 15, I'm now 44. I found he died the next morning. The big kicker is my twin asked me to stay down that night but I went up to bed. It's true when you loss a twin a part of you dies to. That day part of me died. I will never get over this heartache.


  • by Lucy, Florida
  • Mar 2013

I had a twin, he died before I met him. I wonder why I lived not him. I wonder what he would look like what he would be like would he be strong like my dad or calm like my mom. I don't understand I miss someone I never met but is a part of me I feel he is my angel watching over me both day and night. When I look at the stars it's quiet. I close my eyes and the wind starts to blow the leaves around me. I feel he is with me smiling saying where's your coat like the good brother I know he would . I open my eyes the wind stops but for that brief moment I feel close to him. Wherever you are bro thanks for watching over I love and miss you. The name for my story is star bright light the sky for my brother is here tonight.


  • by Scotland
  • Feb 2013

I love this poem. My twin brother Chris will be gone ten yr this Dec. 1st he died of a heart attack age 30. It doesn't get any easier you just learn to deal with the pain. He was my hero always had the biggest smile on his face that would
Brighten up any room. Now he is a angel on my shoulder the brightest star in the sky.


  • by Ali Davis, Pensacola Florida
  • Feb 2013

My name is Ali I am 13 years old I had a twin brother he died before I could ever meet him our birthday is October 14th 1999 we were not due till November 1st 1999. I did not find out I had a brother until I was 8 my parents never told any one else. Ever since then and before I have always felt like a part of me is missing the part that matters most. There is all girls in my family no boys all our names start with the letter A. I wonder why did I live and not my brother my father could of have the son he always wanted but I guess it was not a part of Gods plan. When people say you're lucky you don't have a bro I disagree I would love to meet mine. I call my bro William cause they saw my bro on the camera not me. I promised Wll If I had a son I would call him Will. I think of him all the time he is in my heart always and I love him. Will, I look forward to meet you prepare for the biggest hug ever :).


  • by Alissa Davis, Pensacola Florida
  • Feb 2013

When my mother was pregnant with me she thought I was the only one. One night she felt pain she had never felt before she was worried she had lost me but it was my twin. She did not know about my twin brother was gone. They said I was not going to live either but did they told I was a fighter and strong. I have all sisters they are much older no boys in my family. I wonder why God chose me to live and not my brother. People say I'm lucky I've been in a car crash and came out with no scrapes or burses I hit my head and spilt it open lost a lot a blood they said I was lucky to live I was a fighter and strong once again. I sit here in awe and wonder why me why God so powerful and almighty chose me. I sit here missing a brother I never knew I wonder what he would look like would he look like me? I stand out from my family and very one else they say I'm good and music and I guess I am but I always feel like a part of me is missing the part that matters most. Sometimes I feel he is in my heart.


  • by Miami Florida
  • Dec 2012

Hi I am a Twin. My Mother gave birth to 2 girls but we were not identical she was supposed to given birth to us July 9.1967 and she had us 3 months early. She ended up having us On April 14,1967. We were very small. My Twin weighed 2 lbs & 5 oz and I weighed 2 lbs & 12 oz but went down to 2 lbs & 5 oz the doctors said we might not make it, I was born at 9 p.m.. and my twin was born at 9:30 p.m. but sadly my twin passed away 10 hours after being born. There isn't a day I go without wondering how she would of been or how she is, doctors told my mom if she lived she would of been a vegetable all her life. I always thought about her daily growing up and told myself if I ever had a girl I would be naming her after my twin. Now I'm married and have 2 kids and my daughter is named after her my mom named us Lisa & Leslie so my daughter name is now Lisa and I am very glad I kept my word.


  • by Vada Skelton
  • Nov 2012

I had a twin sister!!! She passed away Dec. 19, two years ago. I got closer with her the last 7 or 8 months. Was there when she took her last breath. The memories from that day will be forever in my head. Our birthday would be Mon. Nov. 26 but now it is just another day without her beautiful face...R.I.P. Ada Rasberry


  • by Louise, North Carolina
  • Oct 2012

I am amazed by the stories that I have read by so many of you who have had twins. I found out on my 12th birthday that I was a twin to a boy. My mom explained to me that, she delivered a boy and girl twins, we were due in March, but for some reason, I was ready to come into the world that January. My brother weighed in at a pound and I at 3lbs/6oz, unfortunately, medical technology wasn't as advanced as it is today to assist with situations such as low birth babies. Anyway, I cried and blamed myself for our early arrival (I was a very sensitive 12 year old). Lately, I have wondered if it is possible to feel a sense of loneliness. Is there such a thing of feeling a sense of lost? Although I have two younger siblings that I love, I'm just wondering if there are such feelings of longing for and missing your other half?


  • by Jenna, California
  • Sep 2012

My mom had a girl/ boy set of twins. 22 years ago, my sister lost her twin brother. He had cerebral palsy. He doesnt have to suffer and that's how we cope to this day. By knowing he is at peace with our older brother who also lost his life in a car accident in 2001.


  • by Whitney, Tx
  • Jul 2012

Wow, it hurts to even imagine what that would be like. I have a twin brother (we're fourteen) and he's really my best friend. We know one another better than anyone else. I hope I never have to see the day he goes before me :(
We don't always get along, but this makes me appreciate him more than ever. I just want to go hug him now.
It would be the most painful thing in the world to lose my bro.
I luv u, twinny!
Your sis,


  • by Cesia Armknecht
  • Jul 2012

This poem has me sobbing.
I lost my twin brother Marc nearly 9 years ago in a motor bike accident.
We were 21, it is now coming up to our 30th and I'm having a party but feeling mixed emotions about it. He should be here to party with me.
I haven't celebrated my birthday since our 21st.
I miss him so much
He will always be 21
what a perfect age.
Love you Marc


  • by Bobbie Scott, Columbus Ohio
  • Jul 2012

This poem has tears in my eyes- 7/4/72 thru 7/26/2004

I lost my twin brother on July 26, 2004. Just 22 days after our 32nd birthday and one day after my daughter's 12th birthday. I'll always remember the day I got the call. My aunt called me to ask for my husband right then I knew something was wrong. I made her tell me and I lost it screaming in the court house. The worst part of it all was I woke up at 2:20 am crying and telling my husband my leg is hurting so bad please rub it or something. That's the exact time he passed away and his leg was over his head. It's been almost 8 years and I still can't get over it. I miss him so bad and its like no one understands. I Love You and Miss you. So God please take care of him and send me a sign it's alright to go on. We're turning 40 on Wends and it's killing me. So Happy Birthday Bubs.


  • by Joy, Sunnyvale, Ca
  • Apr 2012

The stories are wonderful and they are all my feelings too. My Twin Sister, Joni past away last May 4, 2011. We were Identical Mirror twins, I was left handed and she was right handed. We were inseparable. We have lived together for the last 46 years. I could not have children so she shared her two boys with me. I held them, burped and changed their diapers. All of it, was a gift from one twin to another... I now sip my coffee each morning looking at her picture and wishing she was here beside me... Maybe she is... We enjoyed those early morning coffees and listening to the birds. I will miss you Joni, all the days of my life... . I just want to see you walking down the hall just one more time and hear your laughter. Oh my dear girl, Joni... I can not wait to see you when it is my turn to take that final journey... You will forever be my Pinybacaboo, our baby language (name) for each other... Please take care of her "up there" she was the best!!!


  • by Sondra, St.Petersburg, Florida
  • Apr 2012

I lost my beloved twin brother three years ago today. He remains in my heart and I think of him every day. Our last words to each other were "I love you". I look forward to the day we will again be together.

Love, Sissy


  • by Deneise Calhoun
  • Mar 2012

I gave birth to twins son there name are Calvin and Curtis, on April 2, 1976. But sorry to say that last year on July 13, 2011, my son Curtis D. Blaydes died due to a terrible accident while on his job while lifting weighs without having a spotter and the weighs came down on him and was killed. He is deeply missed he left behind a wife and two children he will always be missed by his family. But we know that he's resting in Gods arms. Love you Son. MOM


  • by Maureen, Connecticut
  • Mar 2012

I lost my identical twin sister to suicide three years ago tomorrow (March 13) I miss her so much. Words can't describe the emptiness that harbors deep in the core of my soul. I love you Margaret.


  • by Western Australia
  • Feb 2012

This made me cry.
Because this is what has happen to me.
I never got to know my twin brother.
My Father and Mother were both addicts and, my twin brother; Garrett died when we were born.
But I was the only one they could save.
And now 17 years on, I have been living with a big part of my heart missing.
Because of my parents choice in destroying there unborn children's life.
I love you Garrett. And I wish I could've gotten to know you.
Love your twin sister.


  • by Marcie Robertson, Oakdae Ca
  • Feb 2012

On Dec 24th 2011 at 4:12 AM I lost my twin sister, She was my best friend, even though she lived 700 miles away, she called me every morning at 10 am. I went to visit her for a week in Oct and after being there only 3 hours she told me she had a pain in her back, I took her to the ER and they did every test they could, they did a cat scan but refused us a MRI said it would not show anything different, well they lied. They called me 10 hours later and said they had over medicated her and she was in respiratory failure and needed to be incubated. They assured me that they could turn it around quickly and she would be fine and she would go home. Our 59th birthday was Nov 11 and we had a party for her while she was in CCU. After 4 weeks in that hospital and going from a breathing tube and then a treach they moved her to a rehab hospital to get her off the treach BUT she still is in so much pain in her back. She was there for 2 weeks and would write on paper, please I am in so much pain, help me. We then demanded they do a MRI, they did not have a machine so we transferred her to a different hospital and Finally we got one on Dec 14 and I wanted to die, she had cancer through her entire body and the tumor on her spine had eaten the bone away. I cannot imagine the pain she went through. She had a total of 9 tumors. She wanted to go home to die. So on Dec 19 we took her home and between hospice and lots of family members especially my husband we took care of her. The last good days I spent with her I sang to her and we shared a grilled cheese sandwich and strawberry ice cream together. We talked a lot about how I was going to go on without her. I told her I would Never say goodbye to her, but I would say See you later. I am so lost without her, I feel like part of me is missing. She never became a grandmother and would never see her son get married. But she will always have me with her, I miss you Sissy.


  • by Fort Sill, OK
  • Dec 2011

On August the 30 2011 I was on a flight back to Afghanistan from Germany after I had been blown up in Afghanistan when I landed in Bagraim I was greeted by an escort of 10 vehicles sergeants and many officers as I approached the general of the 6th cavalry division and I was told that my twin brother of 24 was dead. I didn't know what to do since the time that has passed I have killed and experienced death, I am struggling everyday to wake up and go forward as I try to serve this wonderful country that gave me the freedom that I so cherish how is it that when we need our freedom the freedom to love and be with those who we cherish. I gave up a lot but I never thought that it would be time. The time to spend with my brother my twin my Best friend.


  • by Grace Roy
  • Nov 2011

I lost my twin sister four years ago. The day she died I part of me went with her it's hard to explain what I fill on a daily basis. As I do not know what to do sometimes. Feelings of sadness and walking around with a big black hole in my heart. She was only 28 years old. Why? As I have a good fight of faith I can see the bright side of it she is with my mom who passed away at 50 due to lupus :( They are in heaven together . God is the only one who gives me the strength to move on. With hope and peace in my heart knowing all the love we share with all the good times and bad ones I will never forget the love in my heart for their pain is gone now. I love you buddy and can't wait to see you both at the gate... For now I can feel your spirit living in me... Melissa S Roy twin sister for life Grace S Roy my mommy for life I live in your eyes, miss you so much ...


  • by Tammy, Mt.Pleasant Tx
  • Nov 2011

I lost my twin brother in a terrible accident in Nov 2008. My life has not been the same. It's been three years and justice has not yet to be. My brother was run over while pushing his bike on the side of the road. The man was under the influence of drugs. So suddenly my life was changed..


  • by Kathy, Texas
  • Oct 2011

My twin gave me a call one night as I was going to bed to tell me that he had cancer all over his body and that they gave him a short time to be here. I cried and screamed that he could not leave me, that we came into this world together and must leave together. He went home in 2010 and my heart is broken. We would have turned 61 this next November. I feel so empty inside and days just drag on and yet I know that my days are numbered and I will be seeing him again. I love him and know that unless you are a twin you do not know the way it is for twins, the bond that is always there even if one of them has died.


On February 23, 2011, our 62nd birthday, I called my twin brother, who lived in CA. My sister-in-law answered and preceded to tell me that Robert hasn't been feeling well. Robert and I then got to talk and he said he wasn't feeling great but was going to go to the doctor and that he would be OK. Well, he wasn't OK. Had his right lung removed, May 11, 2010 due to mesothelioma cancer and passed way June 20, 2010.
Even though we have lived on opposite coasts for the last 35 years and each have our own families, our twin-ship never diminished. We were always very supportive of each other and were thrilled when we got to visit.
Thank God, I was able to visit a week before his operation and stayed for a few days after. We spoke every other day during his recovery, which the doctors said was going well. I also got to CA 1 day before he passed. Robert wasn't able to talk but, our eyes told each other the beautiful story of us.
I will always cherish our memories.
A Forever Twin, Roberta


  • by Elizabeth
  • Apr 2011

I lost my twin brother SrA Kenneth Hauprich 8 Nov 07. He was killed in a Blackhawk crash. I too wear the same uniform that he loved and that is what gets me through the day. In 5 days we will be having our 26th birthday. I will send him a flower cake to put at his grave but go on like its a normal day. This day is always very hard for me. Thank you for sharing this. At times I feel like I was the only one to loose my best friend. Take care of yourself.

SSgt Elizabeth Hauprich


  • by Ipin
  • Mar 2011

There was a guy, living with my family for a while and suddenly we called ourselves TWINS. Always, we didn't have to say even a word, we already knew what we wanted. It was like we were sharing the same heart. We talked, we laughed, we cried ; almost everything we did together. We spent our time to the fullest. But now he is returned to his place, and I don't know when will we meet again. I couldn't bear to lose him forever. Upin, I miss u so badly. TWINS FOREVER. -your twin sis- :'(

Sorry for everyone that have lost a twin.


  • by Missy ,Tn
  • Mar 2011

Melissa Watson I pray this again for us oh Cissy I love and miss you so so very much I wish we could have done what we planed on but you had to go and I will always love you and miss you my dear sweet twin I'm all alone down here and I'm so scared so please wait for me so that when it's my time you'll be the first I see oh Cissy I feel so lonely with out you I loved being your twin I loved being twins all together we could do a lot of things that made others wonder and we would just smile at each other and all ready know what we are doing or saying or wanting. So please don't be mad if I can't let you go right away. You were and will always be a part of me, my heart is so broken twindalyn, I just don't know how to fix this or anything else with out you in my life, so my dear sweet twin come see me some time cause I'm all alone down here please Cissy know this you were and will always be the only person I truly loved in the world love you Cissy your Twin Missy


  • by Meagan Landeros, Houston Texas
  • Feb 2011

This is all so sad, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I just lost my identical twin sister 2 weeks ago due to Lupus. 29 years old, I never pictured the day, but here I am today and everyday from now on I have to live without my other half in this world. Only a twin that has lost their twin sibling understands this type of pain. It's one of the worst feelings in the entire world. She was my twin sister and my best friend, so losing her was like losing 2 people. I will miss her till the day I get to be with her again and love her forever. RIP Michelle Leon (aka Sis) 29 years of memory will replay in my mind till I can see you again and create new ones.


  • by Michigan
  • Dec 2010

It made me cry so much. I lost my twin brother almost two years ago. Our birthday is coming up and I'm having a really hard time this year.


  • by Alex
  • Nov 2010

This poem has filled my eyes with tears, especially other peoples responses. My twin sister is my world, we are inseparable. If she ever left me I couldn't go on a day. I pray it never happens, she would leave too big a hole to patch back up again. Love my Twinnie girl. Xxx


  • by Bronx, Ny
  • Nov 2010

Like most of you, I never got to spend time with my twin. She passed away when we were three years old. It hurts me so much now because there are no pictures of us and I don't remember anything from our past. Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 35th birthday. I love you Lynnette, with all my heart. Happy Birthday.


  • by Petersburg VA
  • Oct 2010

It really broke my heart reading this poem. I lost my twin sister May 9th of this year in a car accident, 2 months before our 21st birthday. It devastated me and still does I think of her everyday and feel so lost w/o her because she IS my other half & that isn't suppose to be taken away from you.. I love and miss you so much Twinyy<3


  • by Francie
  • Jun 2010

I lost my identical twin, Eileen, in December of 2008. The words to describe my heartache do not come easily. It is the love we shared and the memories of the 50 years we spent together that helps a bit each day. We are all a special bunch of people and understand each others hurt. Thanks.


  • by Stacey, Texas
  • Jun 2010

OMG! This totally made me cry! I am a mother to 11 year twins (will be 12 in Sept).. boy & girl & I know that if I lost either one I would be totally devastated! I could only imagine being a twin and losing my twin.. My twins are close and my twin son is epileptic so we deal with stress everyday and his twin sister is always in fear that something is going to happen to her brother! Sorry for all you that have lost a twin and my prayers are with you all.


  • by Babs
  • Jun 2010

I to lost my twin brother so sudden. it has shattered my life. my heart is broken.


  • by Amy
  • Mar 2010

Tears filled my eyes. Memories of my identical twin flooded my mind. I lost my twin 3 months ago. I miss her every second everyday. I love you twinnie.


  • by Emily, USA
  • Feb 2010

This poem reaches my heart. I am a triplet and my sister died 4 years ago. I miss her everyday.


  • by Brittany
  • Feb 2009

I would also would be hurt without my twin...he is my best friend...after reading this poem I want to call him and make sure he is ok! I love him so much and never want to loose him!


  • by Davontay
  • Oct 2008

I like this poem because I to have a twin and if he was to ever leave I would be hurt cause it would be apart of me gone.


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