Twin Poem

I wrote this poem to give voice to my twin grandsons regarding the competition for their parents attention. Each child is special and sometimes the one who disagrees is considered stubborn and "trying to be different." That's the whole point - they are different. My son and daughter-in-law are excellent parents and strive to provide a healthy and loving home life. The boys are awesome and I thank God everyday for blessing our family with twins!

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Twin Brothers

© Michelle Salazar

Published on October 2012

Being a twin is not always easy
Why is everyone so blind?
I may look like my brother,
But I am one of a kind.

I want to be noticed
For the person that's me.
My brother is special too,
Why can't we both be?

We don't like the same things
We don't always agree
We are two individuals
Brother and Me.

We don't mean to be rivals
Just friends and brothers
Unique and separate spirits
Defending each other.

We share much in common
It's easy to see-
I am not my brother
And he is not me.


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