Sister Death Poem

Death Of Twin Sister

This poem was made in memory of my identical twin sister Sarah. Who was killed in a car accident.. August 11th 2005 and passed away August 18th.

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Hi my name is Cindy. I lost my twin sister in a car accident of this year. …

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© Katie Evers

Published: Jan 2008

R.I.P Sarah

God picks flowers from his garden above..
He sends them to earth for a family to love.
One cool crisp morning he sent twins..
The family burst with love from within..
They grew into beautiful young girls with spunk
Always happy and being little skunks..
Then one day the sky turned gray..
Everyone in the county began to pray..
An accident took one twin away..
Leaving behind a family in dismay..
Sometimes we don't always understand..
Just what God has in his plans..
Remember Sarah as your life goes on..
Cause her life is now heavens home..
Where sorrow or pain shall be no more..
Only peace and eternity on every shore..
Let not your hearts be troubled..
Remember how her soul always bubbled..
Put your trust in God and your soul at rest...
And remember God took Sarah cause..
He only takes the very best!!..


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  • by Newport R.I.
  • Jan 2013

Hi my name is Cindy. I lost my twin sister in a car accident of this year. It is so hard to be here without her we lived together and worked together I never went back to work I could not. It was funny when we went to work she was a housekeeper and I worked in the kitchen a lot of times when they said hi they would call me Carrie but I would never say no I am Cindy and the same thing would happen to Carrie.


  • by Lena
  • Oct 2010

This is beautiful. I lost my twin sister, too. She died in December 2004 at the age of 15. It is really hard to cope with it.
take care. Lena


  • by Marcus Stopp, OK
  • Aug 2010

Wow! this story is crazy! my best friends sister just died in a car accident and she was an identical twin!...oh and she was also one of my best friends. I always took care of her! I love this poem it makes me wanna cry but also it makes me happy! :) thank you for this!


  • by Rebecca, Sheridan AR
  • Jun 2010

This poem meant so much to me. I have had a best friend since we were both 3 years old. We never agreed on anything but we were like sisters still. Two months ago she died in a car wreck. Reading this I feel like I can relate. Thank you! Your poem really helped me!!! :)


  • by
  • Dec 2008

This is beautiful! My sister and I were a year apart in age and she died in a car wreck as well last year. It is true, God only takes the best!


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