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The great thing about the human body, is that the body can only die once, but the soul lives on forever, your grandpa will never leave your side, and when your day comes to leave this earth it will be him standing there to welcome you in.

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This poem has touched me in many ways my grandad is in hospital at the …

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© Ricky Ringheim

Published: Mar 2009

When Life Is Complete

I held your hand as you looked me in the eyes and said "Son please never forget me",
Grandpa it was you who set me free.

You taught me how to tame a bird from the wild,
My happiest memories are with you when I was a child.

You where a man of unbendable steel,
but when it came to your grandkids we were your Achilles heel.

Death may have taken your body but it did not take you
The love that we share even death can't get through.

I can feel you and I know you can see me,
but the funny thing is when I look in the mirror I see thee.

I am you and when I'm a grandpa I hope to be half the man you are,
I see you in a shooting star

I feel you in the summer breeze
I even miss how you used to tease

Not a day passes where you don't cross my mind a time or two,
but then again how could it not, I'm just like you.

I will never forget nor love any less
The time we can't spend together is nothing more then a test.

That day will come where I will come to see you
and my grandson will be doing this to.

I must make my mark in this world as you did yours,
You just relax up there until I finished my life chores,

Grandpa 5 years later and I still haven't forgotten thee,
after all everything you where in life has now become me.

I am the luckiest guy ever to be able to raise a family as you did,
And I'm sure it won't take long to see you in my own kid,

I have many things in this life I must yet still do,
I still look up to one person grandpa it will always be you.

When my life is complete I will be with you there,
So until then Grandpa, I love you and take care


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Cameron, Birmingham Uk
  • Jun 2011

This poem has touched me in many ways my grandad is in hospital at the moment and he has been for the past few weeks in and out he is 87 and he has had a great life. He tells me stories about when he was a kid and what he would do. I love him loads and I want him to know that and when he dies I am going to use this poem and read it to everyone and say that this poem says everything that I want about my grandad


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