Husband Death Poem

For my darling husband Mike who lost the battle fighting cancer.

I Am Not That Strong

My Dearest Darling

I am not as strong as I thought I was
Since you have been gone
I sit and cry all night long
to dusk to dawn.

Another day comes and once again
I have to pretend that I am strong
As soon as the day is over
I can go home and quit pretending that
I am strong

I sit and cry all night long
My Dearest Darling because of
you are gone and now that I am home
I don't have to pretend to be strong!


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Published: Aug 2008

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  • This poem has touched my heart .My boyfriend died of cancer 11 months ago and I can relate so well . I guess I'm not that strong as the name of the poem says . Maybe someday I will be stronger , just not today.

    Debbi Gagne Submitted Mar 2010

  • I lost my husband just two months ago. Pretending is what we do to get through the day - I have become the master of deception. I show people what they want to see, because if they saw how I really felt about losing my one true love, they would hurt even more for me, and I just couldn't deal with that too. I'm not strong, I'm just good at disguising my emotions and getting through the day until I get home and "crash".

    God Bless us and get us through this time...AMEN

    Nette Submitted Oct 2010

  • I lost my husband nine years ago, It still hurts like the first day I lost him. Something in me died with him. My heart is now cold I have turned hard and I think my heart has turned to stone. We were married forty two years and so very close. I feel I can never love again, I can't even cry anymore, the pain still lingers, I feel it always will.

    Joy, Connecticut Submitted Sep 2011

  • I lost my husband five month ago...
    the pain that is within me is sooooooo great, I need him, I need him, I need him, I cant live without him. Please help me lord, take this pain that I cannot bear.

    Springfield Il Submitted Sep 2011

  • I lost my husband last December to Cancer, after only One Month from diagnosis. We had been Married for 40 years, I was only 17 and he was 19 when we married, and everyone said we were to young and it wouldn't last. Its the best thing I ever did. Although we have a lovely family. Life just seems so empty without him, I thought I was copying but recently I can't stop crying

    Linda I Submitted Nov 2011

  • My husband died 18 months ago from cancer. He died 9 days after being diagnosed. It was a shock to everyone. We were married for 38 years. We had met on a blind date. I miss him so much. We were always together. I am so lost without him. I will never marry again. I could never love anyone as much as I loved him. I will love you forever.

    Jennifer, Redondo Beach, Ca Submitted Nov 2011

  • This poem has touched my heart. It Started 11-8-10 that was the day my baby had brain surgery and the day my husband came in. That was also our last 2 weeks with My husband and their father. He had come home on leave from Iraq. It was nice seeing his face and being next to him again. It had already been to long. He was 6 years younger then I but one couldn't tell. He was so smart and bright we were married for 6 years. God how I miss him after he went back. We all cried me a little more so then before. Something just didn't feel right my heart hurt. But I just thought it was me just worrying as always. On 3-21-11 just 15 days before he was due home at 1:05 in the morning my house flooded and it had been a rough week anyways. I had made one comment I shall never make again and that was {CAN THINGS GET ANY WORST} well later that morning at 7:00 it did .I got a that dreaded knock at the door. They had told me he was KIA at 1:05 that morning What are the odds of something like that {RIP WONDER-BOY} I <3 You

    Justa Girl Submitted Nov 2011

  • This poem touched me because I just lost my husband on October 3rd 2011 to lung cancer. This is what I do every day. I pretend to be strong I have to because everyone tells me I am strong and can get through this.
    Sometimes I wonder and think "I am not that strong".

    Stephanie, Springdale, Arkansas Submitted Dec 2011

  • A year ago today was the memorial service for my husband, my best friend, my soulmate. He died December 18, 2010, after suffering for 14 months with cancer. At the end, when every breath was a struggle for him, I prayed for him to fly home to Jesus. But when it happened, it hit me that I would never feel his touch again. I was a zombie last Christmas and New Year's Day, but this holiday season I am totally aware and it's been tough. This poem reminds me that I'm still pretending to be strong.

    Linda, Lake Charles, LA Submitted Jan 2012

  • Six years ago today I laid my husband to rest. He had went to join God on January 16, 2006 two months before his 47th birthday. We found out he had cancer on Dec. 20, 2005 so didn't get much time to even talk about what ifs because we didn't want to think about death trying to stay positive. He was my soulmate the Love Of My Life and I miss him more than anyone can imagine. Everyday is a struggle there isn't a day that doesn't go bye that I don't cry from missing him and wanting him to be here to hold and to kiss. I tell him all day long that I love him and hope he can hear me. I Miss you and Love You Honey!!!! If there was a stairway to heaven I would bring you back home to me and my family.

    Rita Purcell, Brule Ne Submitted Jan 2012

  • To my dear husband Howard:

    My husband passed way on Jan 5, 2012 after five months battling with Acute Leukemia. At first, I thought I would be fine and be strong. As days going on, my heart started to hurt more and more. I never thought I would miss him that much. He was such a fun guy to be around and he always was there when you needed him. We have been married for almost 19 years having two wonderful children. He did everything for us. We were a happy family. My kids and I were the luckiest persons on the earth with his presence. Now, the God took him away and also took all our happiness away. We know that he is in peace now. I hope he can see us from the heaven and give us strength. Not hearing his voice and not seeing his smile are so tough for us. Right now and forever, he lives in our memory. Someday, hope that many years after, our broken hearts will heal and will feel happy again.

    Vivian Plank, Woodland, Ca Submitted Feb 2012

  • My husband, Pierre passed away on the 29th May last year. He had battled with cancer for 20 months and finally when his body was too exhausted to carry on, he slipped away from us. The lonely nights, the missing, the effort to live without him, the sadness just overtakes me completely. I know what it is like to put on a "brave face" for everyone else because you want to protect them from your despair. He filled our home with his passion for life. He was the life and soul of our existence. And now he is just not there anymore. How we miss him, and how we are so thankful to have known him.

    Jennifer Paillard, South Africa Submitted Mar 2012

  • My husband passed away on November 11,2010. He had colon cancer, he had battled it since 2008, and then he fought it as long as he could and then his body could not take it no longer, but he fought it to the end. It was the hardest time of my life and our 17 year old son too. His father was the joy of his life. They did everything together. The sadness and the loneliness take over my life almost every night and day. I still wait for him to come through the front door every day. I put on a brave face everywhere I go so no one knows how much I still miss him. I hope that someday my son Adam and I will be happy again. But we know he looks down on us and keeps us safe everyday and night. We love and miss you honey all the time.

    Elizabeth Lucier Submitted Mar 2012

  • My husband passed away 2 months ago we have a 19 month old daughter we have been together for 6 years but married for less than a year this poem says it all. I have to be stronger for my daughter. I have to get up everyday like all is well. When she goes to bed I cry myself to sleep. I have a lot of loved ones that want to help but there is nothing they can do. I miss him so much he was my world I can slap a smile on an be the best mommy during the day but when the day is done and he is not there to hold me, talk, tell me he loves me, that good night kiss!! Omg I miss him so much!! What do I do???

    Rebecca, Huntington, WV Submitted Apr 2012

  • I married the love of my life Chris on the 10th March 2012, just a week later he lost his battle with cancer. Its now been nearly a month since he left me and I seem to be getting worse, not better - I miss him SO much, it physically hurts, I'm crying 24/7 and this ache just wont go away. I would give anything to see him again, to just have one more cuddle. I hope you are at peace baby, I love you so much xx

    Rachel Hudson, Shropshire, England Submitted Apr 2012

  • Lost my husband of 29 years 6 months ago. He was my reason for waking each morning. This poem describes me. I can hardly wait each day to get home and close the door, close the world out so I can let go and fully grieve the loss of my true love.

    Eileen, Ga Submitted Apr 2012

  • I lost my husband February 28th 2008 from cancer and it has not been the same without him. My kids keep telling me I need to go on with my life but I don't have a life without my husband. We were married 43 years when he left me. I wish I could have him back but I know he's better off. I just miss him so much. Iwish I could see him just one last time .I love you so much baby and I miss you.

    Sharon Albritton Submitted May 2012

  • I lost my husband on Oct. 23, 2007. He had diabetes and a bad heart. In May of that year, he went to the hospital because he couldn't walk. He had lost the feeling in his legs and was then confined to a bed. He then went to a nursing home and developed dementia. It will 5 years and I still hurt and cry for him.

    Gail, Tn Submitted May 2012

  • I lost my husband on Mothers Day 2012. He died of cancer. That day is supposed to be a happy day to all mothers but it will be a day of grieving for me and I do show that I am ok but deep inside there is so much pain it's not easy. We were together 23 years it happened too fast. I just want him back.

    Diana Tucciarone, S.C. Submitted May 2012

  • I lost my best friend May 4, 2012 to cancer. We found out this past March. He was in Hospice at home. He told us he wanted to die around his family at home. I miss him so much. I know he was having a hard time in his life when he became fully blind 6 years ago. He knew his time was short. I was the one in denial. I never knew how you can miss your soul mate, until now. I prayed so much for him to come to me in spirit. My children, grandchildren and son-in-law all seen him. I finally, got my chance just this morning. I was awaken by his voice as he used to always say to me "Its time to get up and go to work". I miss my love of my life. I know I will see him again in Heaven, but the five senses want to feel and see him now. May God bless all those who are going through the same. Time will heal.

    Paulette, El Cajon Submitted May 2012

  • My husband died 6 years ago from Cancer. He was first diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's, but the day he died I was told he had bone cancer. He died February 8th just shy of his 48th birthday on the 17th. He was in and out of the hospital for many months. He just got out in Oct of 2005 after a month of being in. We got to enjoy Thanksgiving, and Christmas together with our adult children and Grandchildren. Then January 28th the day after our youngest daughter's birthday he was put back in the hospital never to come out. Feb. 8th he ate a red popsicle said he was going for a nap a "NAP"!! he never woke from. My Friend, My love, my husband of 34 yrs was taken away from me and his family forever. Stay Strong he made me promise him. I've tried in so many way's but I miss him so very much.

    Libby Roper, Edwardsville Pa. Submitted Aug 2012

  • When he died of cancer in June, we were less than 3 years as empty nesters, an epic love story of reblossoming and refocusing on ourselves, love and joy overflowing like teenage love, and so proud of our fine young adult children. I live for them now and try not to burden them everyday with my sorrow. I created a 4 foot long photo collage of him, us, our family, and it watches over me above our bed. Having been loved so much is greater than anything I can ever imagine. I wouldn't trade for any lesser love no matter how excruciating this sorrow has become.

    Beth, St Paul MN Submitted Aug 2012

  • I lost my husband May 2nd 2012 from GB Brain Tumor. He fought hard for a long time. He was the love of my life. We did everything together. I don't know how to go on without him. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to face in my life. I miss his so much and I will always love him dearly. I know one day I will see him again it's just getting through till that day that I don't know what I'm going to do.

    Gina Submitted Aug 2012

  • My husband passed away August 30th 2011 in hospice after 33 days. We were married for 38 1/2 years. It's the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. He was my first true love. I try to go on day after day. I've been told that time will heal the pain, but not for me. I miss kissing him and hugging him. and laughing with him, but his spirit is around. I have flashlights come on by themselves. The TV comes on and the computer will come on. and I have seen his spirit, but how I miss him.

    Alice, Lincolnton NC Submitted Aug 2012

  • I lost my husband 12th January 2005 when I was 23 year old, he was just sick for four days and he died. I miss everything we shared the time love and the time of misunderstanding. months later I lost my son too. Mark dear it has not been easy at all why do you have to leave like that. I miss your touch. You said just like the ring has no end, that is how your love is I miss everything. love you I am still alone. I wish you were here now. Love you

    Marie, Nigeria Submitted Nov 2012

  • My 59 yr old husband Tony my hero lost his battle with cancer. Worked until op end of March 2011 never the same after. He'd say was feeling ok until then.Passed away March 4 2012. Sometimes the pain was unbearable but so bravely smiled until the end, both protecting each other, we only talked about fighting it. Tones last words "I love you babe" I will always remember. Daughter, grandchildren we are lost without you love. Miss your caring ways, all those years hard working and always so reliable. You said If anything should happen you would be watching over us, I believe you are Tone. I can feel you around our home that you loved, unusual happenings must be you. No more pain our Lord decided to take you to paradise where you have earned your wings my wonderful Guardian Angel Anthony. Every day I miss you more and more.
    Your Tania X

    Tania, Uk Submitted Dec 2012

  • I lost my Larry October 19, 2012 to a massive heart attack, we signed the papers on our first home 7 days before, we were married 9 years, together 11. The pain is so deafening Larry is my true love my soul mate, everyone tells me I'm the strongest person they know, this is killing my spirit, I miss you honey!!!!!!!

    Sandra Nelson, Blum, Texas Submitted Jan 2013

  • I lost my Elliot on August 17th 2012 exactly 5 months and 14 days ago, it was a Friday at 2:55 in the afternoon when he took his last breath. He was diagnosed with dreadful Melanoma on December 1st 2011 and 8 months and 17 days later he lost his fight. The grief and anger consume me, at 36 years old he should not have died, 4 days before our 9th wedding anniversary he should not have died. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED. How can I go on when the days seem to be getting harder, the pain is stronger and I can't understand WHY? I miss him every second of every minute of every hour of every day. I love you More than words can say.

    Erika, Salisbury Mills, Ny Submitted Jan 2013

  • I lost my soul mate Feb 23rd. I have had okay days and suicidal days. Like the rest of you I am completely lost. I have been a nurse for 27 years but its so much different when it's the love of your life. I'm so sorry we are all in this together. I want to see him in a dream but that hasn't happened yet. We were as one with a 3 year old. I'm dying of a broken heart. I just want to be with him. He loved me and I could do no wrong. I too wish I could see him one more day. Hold him once more. May God bless us all because this is a painful journey.

    Heather Submitted 5/20/2013

  • It was the night of 15th October 2012 when I lost Erick through a massive heart attack, he was such a young man to die leaving me with a 4 year old son Reagan who can't stop asking "why did daddy have to die leaving me with no daddy" It pains a lot to think and know you will never be with us forever. As days goes by I realize am not the strong lady you knew but I try to wear a strong face for our son Reagan. There are those days I can't help tears flowing my eyes when I look at the photos the only image that was left for us. I miss him so much. Erick Mobisa R.I.P.

    Grace Onkoba, Nairobi Kenya Submitted 5/22/2013

  • I lost my husband Richard to cancer on 9th Feb this year, after suffering 2 yrs, everyday is hard to bear without my hubby whom I had shared my life with for 42 yrs. He was my soul mate my best friend, He was a great dad to my daughter and 2 sons and our special grandson Alfie, He now has another grandson Jenson Richard who he has never seen. I put a brave face on every day when I go to work and everyone says how well I am doing good job they don't see me behind closed doors. It would have been our Ruby Wedding in 2 yrs July 2015 and we had so many plans to celebrate with a Caribbean Cruise. It was not to be and they say god only takes the best, my hubby was the best. I will always love you for ever and ever Honey xxxx

    Anne Pickering, Chesterfield Submitted 9/29/2013

  • On July 27,2013 at 1:00 pm my husband of 39 years passed away at the hospital with his 5th bout of septic shock. I had quit my job to take complete care of him. I miss him so much that sometimes I feel as if I can't breath. I sit by his grave and cry for hours sometimes. Life just doesn't feel worth living without him. How can I feel any joy again. Randy, I will love you forever.

    Betty Banks, Charles City Submitted 12/13/2013

  • It will be 10 years on January 26th that my husband, best friend and soulmate passed away 24 hours after finding out he had cancer. The entire family, friends, and his co-workers were in shock. This poem describes how I had to be strong for everyone including our 2 teenage children. When my husband died, a part of me died too. I think of him everyday, still long for him, and still cry when I am alone. I miss him dearly.

    Michelle M. Submitted 1/20/2014

  • My husband John passed away on the 12 Nov. 2013 he had a heart transplant 23 years ago so I was lucky to have him all those extra years. I miss him so much it hurts at times. I shall always love you darling Maureen.

    Maureenbarton Submitted 3/8/2014

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