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A girl talks about how important her little brother is.

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My name is Olivia, and I am now sixteen years old. I have a little …

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© Kayla L. Carver

Published: Feb 2006

My Little Brother

Many people say
they wouldn't want a little sibling
But without you
life wouldn't be worth living.
When I'm mad at the world
I look into your ocean blue eyes
and everything seems alright.
When I touch your fair soft skin
I suddenly come alive.
That's when I know
that out of all the little boys in the world
God sent you especially
to be my little brother.


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  • by Olivia Smith, New York City
  • Dec 2012

My name is Olivia, and I am now sixteen years old. I have a little brother, Cody, who is now six years old. We both love each other now, but it took me a while to return the love he was giving me. I was ten years old, and in my childish brain my reasoning was I had been the only child this long, it should keep being that way. When my little brother was only four days old, and he had only been home for four hours, and by that time I had enough. He would not stop crying, and my mother and father would not pay attention to me. I did not stop to think how afraid he must have been, and how busy everyone was!!!!


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