Mother Daughter Poem

I Love You Letter

A letter to a mother who works from dawn to dusk and has little in terms of financial success to show for it. Her daughter takes the time to tell her mother how much she appreciates her.

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As I read this poem I started crying realizing how much I need and love my …

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© Kari M. Forhan

Published: Feb 2006



I see you working hard,
To give us a better life,
Working all those hours,
For people who barely
Give you a dime.

I see you trying,
To give us all it is,
That you can give,
Even though it means you,
Are the one who never gets.

I see the tears that drop,
When holidays come around,
When you think all we can see,
Under the Christmas tree,
Is the uncovered ground.

I see your struggle,
Raising us all on your own,
Never having time to yourself,
Never a moment alone,
Always baking something,
Or folding somebody's clothes,
Always cleaning up messes,
Or wiping a runny nose.

I see your love,
It's proven by everything you do,
Every time you say you love me,
I know you're telling the truth,
And even though I don't always say it,
But Mother I love you too.


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  • by Place
  • Nov 2012

As I read this poem I started crying realizing how much I need and love my mom. Thus poem describes her exactly, it is her birthday soon and I might use some things in here


  • by Krista, Carrington
  • Feb 2012

Well I'm going to say about my mother is that she just works as hard as possible, tries to make as much as money as she can just to do everything that I have always wanted. She is a hard working women who gets lots of tips because people think she deserves them. I am spoiled! When she gets her checks and she worked at a lot of places so she just got her taxes! So thank the lord.. (:


  • by Laura, Michigan
  • Oct 2010

There is nothing more I can say the poem says it all, my mother was just like the mother in the poem.


  • by Sanjay Mishra, Raipur,C.G.,India
  • Oct 2010

Hi, Forhan's poem reminded me of my own mother who was always thoughtful about all my siblings. I can never forget the time when she requested me to save my younger brother who was terminally ill. I wish I had the power to revive my brother to normal state. She endured the loss of my brother's death. Forhan's poem shows the sacrifice of a mother.


  • by Gisele Vincent-Page
  • Oct 2010

Every mother on the planet deserves this tribute. I am receiving palliative care, and my daughter never fails to reassure me of the gifts I have left for her with memories and the goodbyes we've had the time to share together. Love is the best teacher.


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