Addiction Poem about Family

My Hero

A sister lets her brother know he remains her hero though he has made some bad choices.

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This poem touched me more than almost any on here, because I used to play …

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© Krystal Guenther

Published: Feb 2006

My Hero

You're more than just a brother to me,
You are my hero, but you might not see.
I care about you more than you could know,
But sometimes I get mad at you and it just doesn't show.

You found someone you loved and she loves you back,
It was true love, it's as simple as that.
You were with her every chance you could,
I missed hanging out with you but you never understood.

You hung out with the crowd and got hooked on drugs,
You started to forget about the things that you loved.
Baseball and sports was what you would do,
But alcohol and drugs was what you would choose.

You changed your life around, grew up and moved away,
But you are my hero and that will never change.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Dylan, Ridgeville IN
  • May 2010

This poem touched me more than almost any on here, because I used to play sports and all the things it's talking about. My youngest sister had always been the one to look up to me cause of all the good things I used to do. Now I do other things and no longer do sports or anything like that. So everytime that I read this poem it makes me think a lot of the way that me and my lil sister were and it kills me to realize what is going on. I just refuse to change all of that around.


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