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I wrote this poem after I got in a fight with my mom about killing myself. Tell me if you like it or not. (:

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Yesterday it was official. They woke him from an induced coma. His wife …

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© Krista Ceci

Published: Jun 2011

Stress Is A Killer

Stress is feeding on me;
Sucking out my soul.
I feel my body weakening,
it refuses to let go.

I'm going kind of pale,
blood is dripping down my arm,
Tears are falling from my eyes;
a pain pierces my heart.

I'm confused,
and don't know what to do.
I want to end it all,
but you don't want me to.

Living life is fine,
but stress makes it tough.
Your smile use to make me happy;
now that's not enough.

Stress is killing me,
putting me to rest.
But I'll try not to leave you,
I'll try my very best.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Kelly Harrington
  • Jan 2013

Yesterday it was official. They woke him from an induced coma. His wife asked him if he was sure he wanted it this way. As the tears in all of us began to fall, she smiled and said good-bye to her love. They reinduced the coma and pulled the plug.
This poem is so true to how I feel. I have now lost 6 people, 2 over 20 years. friends and four relatives. All of whom I was very close to.
R.I.P. I am trying to be stronger and carry on!


  • by Sara, CA
  • Dec 2011

Its' a nice poem. I know how it feels, I really do! But please don't think of killing yourself because that would hurt others a lot specially your mom who seems she cares. You should think about others too, and how would they feel without you. Please don't try anything anymore.. I promise you it will get better things will change for good.
I wish you the best of luck.
The world needs you! :)


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