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This poem is about a grandchild's desire to know of her grandmother who has passed away. It is difficult to get any of her children to talk of her grandmother because it is too painful to them.

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I lost my Mammy in May of 2007, she was my grandmother. There aren't …

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© Jenn E. Welsh

Published: Feb 2006

Grandma's Touch Of Life

I hear people speak her name and sometimes when I hear it I feel quite ashamed
Not of you but of me because I can't remember her happily
I never knew her and people don't say what kind of things she did each day
People don't talk to me about such
I think maybe it hurts too much
It hurts me more than most people know
And this is my way of trying to show
Show just how much I need to see
Just exactly how she would have acted towards me
So to everyone who reads this I just want to say
Please tell about my grandma someday
And I just want to tell you what I've been missing out on everyday
I bet she's very sorry for not being here to watch me grow
But I'm the one who is sorry because she's not here to know
I can't talk to her, although I've got plenty to say
I can't walk to her because she lives too far away
We can't share secrets or teach me how to make a rug
She can't hold me tight when I am in need of a hug
She can't wipe away the tears that often fill my eyes
I wouldn't even know her without a disguise
She can't take the time because she's got none left
She can't yell at me when I wine because she can't take a breath
She can't hear me sing my little tune of sorrow
She can't give me hope for a brighter tomorrow
But some how if I knew just who she was
Maybe I could feel the type of my grandmother's love
Some how I feel you probably knew her well
So sometime can you share what of her you have of her too tell?
Some of us grandkids wonder but never dare to say
Because it might bring back memories of her that still hurt to this day
I just wish I had thoughts that even hurt so much
I just wanna try to feel the feel of her loving touch
So when your not busy or in a mad rush
And you think about your mother, please also think of us.


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  • by Nancy, Illinois
  • Jan 2011

I lost my Mammy in May of 2007, she was my grandmother. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I miss her everyday. Before she passed away I thought just thinking about living in a world without her was heartbreaking. I was wrong, living each day in a world with out her & knowing when tomorrow comes she's still not gonna be here is so much worst. I've made her & myself a promise that her great grandchildren will know about the things she did in her long life & how much she loves them.


  • by Nikki, Indianapolis Indiana
  • Apr 2010

I lost my mother 1 year and 9 days ago and my baby sister is pregnant with her 1st child and is having her baby shower on the anniversary of my mothers burial. My niece will never see her grandma. All she will never know how big her grandmas heart is and how much she loves her youngest grandchild.


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