Grandfather Death Poem

I wrote this for my Granddad the night that he died - my Granddad was my life and taken away from us when he was only in his 60's. This poem was borne from pure emotion, and I continued to add to it, turning it into a reading that was made at his funeral. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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© Michelle Hyland

March 2011

When Goodbye Is Not Enough

I write this for you, Granddad, as the tears roll down my face,
A part of me just died tonight a part I can't replace.
They called us to your bedside it was time for you to fly,
How do you fit a lifetime into a five minute goodbye?

We sat and watched you drift away into an eternal sleep,
The memories they cannot take they're mine for me to keep.
I can still recall your every word many times they've been replayed,
I'm scared of where they'll take me I'm scared one day they'll fade.

I miss you so much Granddad more than words can tell,
I will look after Gram I promise you I will keep her safe and well.
My children will remember you and always will be told,
Of their special Grampy who suddenly grew old.

Now we've had the sad bit here is the other side,
A man so full of knowledge and also full of pride.
He left back in the 50's to serve his country in the force,
Ask him of his background - why a true Irishman of course.

There he met my Grandma she soon became his wife,
Two children were to follow a true partnership for life.
He settled here in England where he became a nurse,
That sums his way of thinking, putting other people first.

Then there was his family side my children he adored,
He would play with them for hours and never once get bored.
He loved to be in the great outdoors amongst the birds and flowers,
He would sit and watch them endlessly and study them for hours.

I hope I've summed up briefly this man before you lay,
May I take this opportunity to thank you for being here today.
So now the time has finally come as hard as it may seem,
To say I miss you so much Granddad, goodnight, god bless, sweet dreams.


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