Death of a Friend Poem

This is poem for friend who left me... A response to my other poem When a Friend Bids Goodbye. Friendship is the most precious thing in this world. It is next to family, sometimes the people we consider family. Friends sometimes fall for other, they love with no conditions, they give expecting nothing in return. Just presence and company is enough. A true friend never rarely says good bye, and if they do, it would be death that would cause them to be so far apart.

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© Kathrine Yee Baraquia

Published: Oct 2011

When You Bid Me Goodbye

In my bed, I lie awake,
And still thinking.
What could have been,
If you were still here,
With me tonight?

I know it could have been better,
Seeing you right in front of me,
Knowing you're still alive.

But this is life.
No one stays forever,
May it be fate,
Or just a change of heart.

I don't want to let go, and you felt it,
When you left me, it was hard.
The moment you stopped breathing,
I was down on my knees for the first time.

I kept praying, begging God,
To make you live again.
But how could I stop you?
When you are in a better place now.

I will never stop believing,
That you still think of me tonight.
You're the type of friend,
Who keeps promises in his heart.

In heaven, I trust,
You're still the friend I know.
I know you remember my name,
When I call out on yours.
I know you still smile and laugh,
When I crack jokes the wrong way.
And sometimes I smile too when I think of your name.

Someday, when it's my time,
It will be just like before.
That's the time when we no longer,
Have to face goodbyes anymore.
Friends in the distance,
and through time, we'll still be.
I love you too, please do believe me,
Hear the words I once hid.


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