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You're My Big Brother

Marriage changes everything and makes us have to work to keep our old relationships.

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OMG This poem reminds me of me and my brother, I just read this and tears …

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© Debbie S. Lott

Published: Feb 2006

My Big Brother

You're my Big Brother
And I love you with all my heart.
When I was young, we were very close
Now, I regret us growing apart.

You were always my HERO
When I was a little girl.
There was no one like my Charles Ray.
Not in this world.

Then you got married,
And everything seem to change.
I understood things would be different,
But not completely rearranged.

As time went by,
Our closeness seemed to disappear,
But not my love and admiration.
And if you really look, that is clear.

I know I've disappointed you
And I know I've let you down.
But Charles, I'm trying to rebuild
And get our relationship back on solid ground.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Trish
  • Apr 2011

OMG This poem reminds me of me and my brother, I just read this and tears started pouring down like rain. My brother got married 2 years ago and he hasn't been the same since its like he turned bitter, it feels like that's not my brother, that's not the brother I know. We used to laugh until we could hardly breath.


  • by Jennifer, Rochester New York
  • Feb 2010

Yes, this poem has touched me deeply. My older brother and I use to be close when we were little but then he went off to get married and now we don't talk.


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