Addiction Poem about Family

Drug Abuse Poem

I wrote this poem to my twin sister when I was addicted to heroin. She was the reason I stopped. And to anyone who is addicted to any kind of drug, you have to find your reason, because that is what gives you enough courage to stop.

A Reason To Stop

© Ali
I'm so sorry that I'm hurting you,
You know there's nothing I can do.
Everytime I inject I think of you,
How you're thinking this can't be true.
I promised one day I'll get help,
And I still mean it,
I just need some time.
I need to think things through.
I just want to be with you.
But you say I'm hurting you too much.
You push me away.
You push me out.
I need you to be there,
Just to tell me how much you care.

I push the needle into my vein,
You shake your head and say I'm not going to change.
I sit there and cry,
Not enjoying my high.
I don't want to be like this,
It's you I miss.
I cover my arm and hope you won't see,
But the injection marks have become a permanent part of me.
When you see them you start to cry,
You tell me that I'm going to die.
I don't want to die, I don't want to leave you.
You can think I'm lying, but Steph, it's true.
I would give up my needle just to see you smile,
But you never do so I'll give you a while.

I fall to the floor,
Hoping to stop.
I end up hitting my face on a rock.
The cut goes so deep,
But I don't even care.
I watch the blood dry into my hair.
I'm scared of myself,
There's a monster within.
Only heroin can cure him,
He always wins.
I want him to go away,
To leave me alone,
But you say he'll go away only if I stop getting stoned.

I'm so sorry,
You have to know it's true.
I just hate, hate hurting you.
Everytime you cry it makes me inject more,
I try to dull the pain,
I'm going insane.
So I promise now,
I promise to stop.
I want you to smile,
I want you to laugh.
I love you so much, and you have to know it's true.
I love you enough to stop hurting you.


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Published: Jul 2009

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  • This poem was really good I started crying when I read it because my mom & dad were always like my best friends then they started doing drugs. It affected me & my 8 year old brother even now that they have quit the drugs they still aren't the same parents we once had & I don't think that we will ever have those same 2 people ever again.

    Denita Kennedy, Georgia Submitted Jul 2010
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  • I've been an addict for 8 long miserable years! I've tried everything to get off of roxys and always failed terribly. I have done it all. Numerous doctors, fake scripts, deliberate car accidents with friends! All the tricks in the book to continue getting high. I finally decided to go to treatment tomorrow evening, which will be March 5th 2012! So I was online looking for something special to put together for my family that they could have while I was away like poems and pictures, and I came across yours! I believe it was meant for me to see, incredibly real and beautiful emotion! I was getting anxious and scared, even started thinking maybe I won't go! I'll lie! Say my bed was supposed to be available but something happened and another counselor gave my bed away so now there will be a 4-6 week wait for me to get in.. HA! But not this time thanks to you! I truly owe you, I will not give in to the monster I am going and I have you to thank for that!

    Shana,Florida Submitted Mar 2012
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