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To The man who promised to make my dreams come true. My nightmare ends today. I'm leaving still loving you. Instead of staying and hating you.

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This is just so touching. It's the exact place I am at. It's not easy and …

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Published: Apr 2008

Good Bye Note

I never thought this day would come.
I truly thought you were the one.
We use to laugh and talk all night.
Now we argue, fuss, and fight.
All is wrong in things I do.
To take the blame is never you.
So quick to run when things get rough.
Your best excuse its just to tough.
Home alone has become my life.
Did you forget you had a wife.
I keep it secret when things turn bad.
Because our kids love their dad.
I'll sleep tonight on what I wrote.
As I leave this good-bye note.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Rosemary, Durban
  • Sep 2012

This is just so touching. It's the exact place I am at. It's not easy and for her to have to write this on paper she is really beginning the healing process.


  • by Justin
  • Nov 2009

I am not married, but I was doing an essay for my college English class and this was the absolute best poem ever. It is meaningful, easy to understand, and very touching. The author is very talented.


  • by Faith Avila, Lorenzo, Philipines
  • Nov 2009

I totally understand how the author feels in her poem. I could relate because we are in almost the same situation.
God bless the author of this poem.


  • by Donna
  • May 2009

I can totally understand this poem... Blessings be to the author of this poem.


  • by Americana
  • Feb 2009

I totally understand this poem.... I'm hurting so much going through this too…


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