Grandfather Death Poem

Goodbye My Friend

A girl says goodbye to her grandfather

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My grandfather passed away this evening. I was close to him... I …

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© Shan Leamon

Published: Feb 2006


Goodbye my friend.
I shall see you again
In heaven where the stars stay.
I will be there one day.

The world isn't the same,
Since the day the angels came.
You maybe on a star,
But I love you wherever you are.

My stays with you are long past.
They're right. Fun never lasts.
We worked hard in the garden and workshop.
Side-by-side, we never stopped.

I never played with a girly toy.
I was with you, a tomboy.
You changed who I am today,
A debt I can ever repay.

Know that in my heart you're alive
Until the day, in heaven, I arrive.
You're in the hearts of all you touch.
We still love you very much.


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  • by Kanika
  • Nov 2008

My grandfather passed away this evening.
I was close to him... I particularly loved this poem because he taught me so many things and he never treated me like a girl. He took me for hikes taught me how to ride a bicycle and how to skate.
We watched the stars together and went for long walks.
He made the best custard and made sure I always drank a glass of milk every morning. Somehow every glass of milk I drank in his house was so tasty.. I never drank milk at home or anywhere else. =)

He was an army man. He told me so many stories about his life at war, his childhood. He was such a good man and took such care of my mother even though she wasn't his blood daughter.
I think he loved her more than his real children.
He took care of me and loved me so much.

And I want him to know that I loved him and love him and will always love him.
He will be missed.

I love you nana.
Rest In Peace.

Thank you Shan for posting this lovely poem.


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