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Grandma's are angels. A girl writes a tribute to her grandma and grandmother's in general. She says that they are with us wherever we go.

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My Grandma is injured and in the nursing home until she gets better. She …

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Published: Feb 2006

Grandmas Are Angels

We hear a lot of things about angels like what they look like and what or who they are, but some people don't think that your own grandma could be an angel.

Grandmas can be angels, especially when grandmas love to protect their own, and they love to help their children, grandchildren and great grand children.

Grandmas can be angels since they love to protect their own and they know when something is wrong and grandmas know where they belong.

Grandmas could be walking with you or sitting beside you or even riding with us.

Grandmas are always near and with us no matter what, whatever we do or have done or are going to do. Like God, grandmas are always going to be there with us no matter what, because we will always have them in our hearts.


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  • by Sarah,Saxis Va
  • Jul 2012

My Grandma is injured and in the nursing home until she gets better. She fell out her scooter-chair and onto cement and had to go to the hospital, then when she got out of the hospital and back home a piece of her knee fell off then she had to go to the nursing home. A while back she got in an accident and it made it so she couldn't walk anymore and it also messed her heel up. She has good and bad times. She is just like a real mother to me, my youngest, and my oldest brothers. I love her and I wouldn't live without her she's like my best friend. I can tell her anything and trust. My mom wasn't in my life for six years and on them six years my grandma and my dad took care of me and my brothers.


  • by Shannon, Ontario
  • Jun 2010

My Grandmother raised me as well. As I get older I get to know her more, even just through different eyes; the eyes of a child, the eyes of a teenager, the eyes of an adult and now through the eyes of being a Mother myself. Sweetheart, you mentioned that you couldn't go to your Grandma's funeral because you are in foster care. Please know that services are for the living and that your Grandma will always have a comfortable place in your heart where she will rest. Treat her and you well. Love often.


  • by Tammy, Holland MI
  • Jun 2010

My grandmother passed away last month and I miss her more today than I did on that day. She was my best friend and my protector when I was young. In the end I wanted to protect her and I couldn't make her pain go away. I could only let her go even though a large part of myself went with her. I miss her.


My grandmother raised me and I feel like she has been a guiding light in my life. I love her to death. she is my angel.


  • by Bettendorf
  • Dec 2009

Wow that is just what it feels like. I lost my great grandma Saturday morning at 6:30 she had a stroke on Friday. I am glad she is in a better place and she's not suffering. She passed peacefully she took a deep breath and stopped breathing it's really hard for me because I'm 14 and in a foster home so I can't go to her funeral and we were really close.


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