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I wrote this poem from deep within my heart. It is a true poem and I would like to share my version of events the day my friend lost his life. It is about my friend. He was stabbed at my school. I watched him die. I was only 12 when he died and I miss him very much.

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omg I'm so sorry Laura to see a friend die must have been hard, I cried when I read this

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© Laura

Published: Mar 2008

I Watched Him Die

It was a cold and windy November day,
When my friend sadly passed away.
This was the day when a boy with a knife,
took away my friends life.

I shut my eyes,
praying it was just a dream,
But unfortunately it was reality,
the most awful thing I had ever seen.

The knife in his killer's hand went in to him like a dart and ripped his heart apart.

I can still remember his last screams,
and the fear in his eyes,
And his last words were
"I don't want to die"

I can still see him lying there on the ground,
with his own blood all around.

As great big tears rolled down his face,
His killer left without a trace.

He was only 14,
such young age to die,
and it was all because of a boy and a knife.

I remember my deputy head,
looking down on him,
And I kept thinking to myself,
Why isn't she helping him?

He killed my friend and I will never forgive him,
For all the pain his killer's put me through and my friend's family too.

I watched him die,
there was nothing I could do,
And as he died,
a part of me died too.

Now his killer has a life sentence in jail,
Which is good enough for me,
As in my eyes,
Behind bars is were he should be.


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  • by Shannonbalan, USA
  • Jan 2010

omg I'm so sorry Laura to see a friend die must have been hard, I cried when I read this


  • by lovedeep
  • Jan 2009

I love this poem it reached inside of me and I wish other people read it to .


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