Abandonment Poem

Poem About Parents Not Being There

The title pretty much says what it is about. The feeling of being left behind and how life isn't perfect, but in the end we can always move on.

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Published: Aug 2008

Story Of My Life

life, an emotional roller coaster,
backstabbers, betrayals, cheaters, haters,
makes us not trust one another,
mother in heaven,
father playing the role of both genders,
he kept the pain in, deep down really missing her,
so brave and dedicated to his children,
never gave up,

one day, left and found a new lady,
his children, once were precious, not any longer,
dedication is now upon that woman,
his heart set on money,
us, his children, are nothing, but his providers,

I believe he is blinded, misguided by her,
careless and ungrateful to his children,

we now have ourselves, don't need any other,
no father, no mother...

life goes on.


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