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Poem About A Best Friend's Suicide

I lost a very dear friend to suicide... It has been very hard to cope with the loss. He was everything to me...and now, he is gone </3

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This made me burst into tears in the middle of the library at school... …

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© Devon

Published: Sep 2011


So lost, just as you were.
As I made my way into the crowd.
Black surrounds me...
So do the many tearful eyes of my friends.
My eyes are red and swollen as well,
I had cried myself to sleep last night.
I remember three days ago,
You had looked me straight in the eye,
moved closer, and wrapped your arms around me.
"what's wrong?"
in reality, everything was wrong...
But I am here now,
placing my sight my best friend.
Now lying still in the soft lining,
Of his casket.
Tears flood my puffy eyes,
they sting...
reminding me that this is real.
That I can never forget my best friend.
R.I.P. Justice Goodwin </3


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  • by Jess, England
  • May 2012

This made me burst into tears in the middle of the library at school... its so touching, and made me think of all my friends that have taken their own lives... RIP<3


  • by Ceejay , England
  • Apr 2012

This poem made me cry, made me think of the day my brother took his life and how I felt. God bless you and your fallen friend x


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