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    Poems by Bryan P. Mix

  • The Spirit Of Green

    • pending
    • Posted on 08/13/11

    in Poems about Life Struggles

    The spirit of green
    Comes unusually fast
    Creating a mean
    Strong supporting mast...

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  • My Inner Child

    • Published: January 2009

    in Change Poems

    Looking through the window
    There is a small child
    Sitting with his pillow
    He has been there for a while


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  • Friend Shows Their True Colors

    • Published: January 2009

    in Betrayed Friend Poems

    The blood was shed
    It will never be the same
    Feel the intruding lead
    That hangs my head in pain


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    The whole last week of my English grade 10 class, we were discussing this poem and analyzing it in New York. It's crazy how powerful someone's words can be and how they can effect people...

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