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Poem of the Day For : 07/20/2017

Category: Teen Poems
Subcategory: Cancer Poems by Teens

Votes: 26
Rating: 4.65

When I was 13, my dad died of cancer. My dad was my best friend, and losing him was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. I love him, and now he is my angel, always watching over me. Greg Cunningham January 3, 1967 - August 11, 2009.

My Angel

© Jessica Cunningham,

A girl stands
On the edge of the light
Trying to find a way
To make everything alright
She is alone
Drowning in her sorrow
Under the impression
That things will be better tomorrow

She watched him suffer
With every gasp
The reason for his pain
She couldn't seem to grasp
Why did he ache with every step?
And get worse each and every day?
She watched him lose a little more
As time slowly slipped away

And then the ending came
Like a storm overhead
When he lost the battle
And was pronounced dead
As they took him away
A silent wave washed over her brain
All of her body was numb
The tears she could no longer contain

That was the start
Of it all
The start of her steady
And depressing fall
She had to learn to be strong
To hide the tears until alone
Plastering a fake smile on her face
Concealing a pain she had never known

People asked how she was at first
Feigning that they knew her ache
But no one truly knew
The hurt she couldn't seem to shake
She would curl into a ball
And shut out her life
Close her eyes
And listen to her internal strife

Why was she here
And why was he gone?
What had she done right
That he had done wrong?
Was it her fault?
Was it something she said?
Something she did?
She wondered in her head

And then night would come
A quiet blanket of misery smothering her
The world crashing around the girl
To leave this world she would prefer
Morning would arrive
And tears would fall from her eyes
The start to another day
Filled with silent, never-ending cries

She would function as if normal
Throughout the monotonous day
But in her head
She was faraway
She was in the past
With the happy recollections
Where the times were untainted
With broken reflections

Slowly she slips from the past
To the harsh reality of the present
Opens her eyes
To a world of hushed torment
The wounded of soul
Are told to forget
But she won't let go
Certainly not yet

Because where she looks
She sees what remains
Of the Dad she had to give up
To free him of his chains
His presence follows her
And reminds her she is not alone
He is with her
In their beloved home

How hard he fought
To stay with her there
How much he loved her
She became aware
He taught her an important lesson
To never give in
Never quit
Even if you don't win

Therefore, she must go on and prevail
And keep his message alive
To make the world a better place
She must continue to strive
And in her heart
He will rest
Of all fathers
He was the best

And so the girl
Lifting her head
Sees an angel
Wings outspread
He offers his hand
With a loving smile
And holds her close
In his arms for awhile

Tears run down her face
Feeling his spirit in her heart
As she comes to realize
Nothing can keep them apart
So the girl now knows
There is nothing more to fear
For when she feels all alone
She must remember her angel is near

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