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Poem of the Day For : 05/25/2017

Category: Teen Poems
Subcategory: Cancer Poems by Teens

Votes: 58
Rating: 4.62

My name is Savannah Bennett, I wrote this poem about my grandma that past away from leukemia a year ago. She held my family together, now that she is gone we have been falling apart... But I always tell myself that she will always be by my side through the good time's and the bad.


© Savannah Bennett,

Since the day I saw you,
since the day we met,
I knew this I wouldn't forget.
I Have loved you more then life its self,
now it seems were falling apart.
This thing that just wont go away,
was more then you could take.
But I'll hold on tight past the very end...
No matter how much it hurt,
I sat and watched you get worse.
I held your hand all through the night,
never to let go.
I wake up, and you were no longer here,
I'm haunted by these memories of you and me,
as a tear falls down my face I remember...
You will be here holding my hand all through the night like I did yours,
but most of all...
you will always be in my heart.

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