Poems & Quotes About Overcoming Hardships

Best Poems & Quotes About Overcoming Challenges

Best Poems & Quotes About Overcoming Challenges

Collection of poems and poetry quotes about persevering through difficulties.
Poetry about going through hard times, overcoming challenges and staying strong.

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  1. Life Poems Change Poems Destined To Fly By Ashley Hyder

    Poem About Overcoming Addiction

    This poem was written after I got clean from a 4 year heroin addiction. I based it off a letter...

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    • Votes 643
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  2. Spiritual Poems God Poems Every Scar Has A Story By Kristina M. DeCarlo

    Poem About How God Worked In My Life

    I wrote this poem right before my second brain surgery. I have a large scar that I've learned...

    • Stories 2
    • Shares 1233
    • Favorited 18
    • Votes 270
    • Rating
  3. Life Poems Inspirational Poems Mighty Oak By Kathy J Parenteau

    Strong And Inspiring Like A Mighty Tree

    I wrote this poem many years ago when I was grieving my grandfather's death. He was a published...

    • Stories 10
    • Shares 3569
    • Favorited 33
    • Votes 1079
    • Rating
  4. Life Poems Inspirational Poems You Will Never See Me Fall By Joyce Alcantara

    Poem About Never Giving Up

    To my mother, Pauline. She means the world to me. She is my rock that I lean on.

    • Stories 26
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    • Votes 3407
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  5. Famous Poems Famous Life Poems See It Through By Edgar Guest

    Many of the poems by Edgar Guest (1881-1959) are encouraging and share important life lessons....

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    • Shares 2802
    • Favorited 7
    • Votes 120
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  6. Sad Poems Depression Poems Dancing In The Rain By Juli Nielsen

    Poem About Seeking Help For Depression

    This poem is dedicated to those who struggle with depression, loneliness, and pain. You're not...

    • Stories 1
    • Shares 218
    • Favorited 13
    • Votes 70
    • Rating
  7. Life Poems Inspirational Poems Faith And Courage In Life By Angie

    Powerful Poem About Life Lessons

    Faith and courage is what will get you through this life.

    • Stories 17
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    • Favorited 43
    • Votes 2254
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  8. Life Poems Hope Poems Endure Like A Tree By Alicia Quetzalcoatl

    Poem About Enduring The Hardships You Face In Life

    I love my niece very much, but sadly, my sister took her to live far away. My heart breaks when...

    • Stories 3
    • Shares 733
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    • Votes 296
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  9. Life Poems Inspirational Poems Wake Up, Beautiful By Danielle L. Stewart

    Motivational Poem About Pushing Through

    My name is Danielle, and I wrote this after losing my 6th child. Writing helps me cope.

    • Stories 0
    • Shares 162
    • Favorited 15
    • Votes 62
    • Rating
  10. Life Poems Poems about Life Struggles Rise By Sagar Yadav

    I Will Rise

    A poem about refusing to be discouraged and refusing to be put down.

    • Stories 2
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    • Votes 629
    • Rating
  11. Life Poems Courage Poems Seeking Peace By Evette Lucille Subramoney

    Poem About Finding Peace In Life's Struggles

    I have always wanted to feel like I belong, but no matter how much I've tried to overcome the...

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    • Shares 113
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