Poems by Cassi

  • To My Dad

    • Published: May 2009

    in Father Poems

    I wonder what it's like
    to not put up a fight
    with someone you're supposed to love so dearly
    and get some sleep at night.

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    I can really understand this poem I'm 14 and everytime me and my dad talked we would end up yelling at each other and the conversation would end with him hitting me or kicking me to the...

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  • You Left Me

    • Published: May 2009
    Poem About Death Of Someone I Loved

    in Family Death Poems

    Your the only one I see,
    I turn around,
    and your right behind me.
    I never wanted you to go,...

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    I lost my sister a few years 2010. My best friend and confident. She killed herself with a .38 , a gun that should have never been returned to her, in her mental state. She had been...

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