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    Poems by Frances Joy T. Chaves

  • Stand Up

    • Published: November 2017

    in Hope Poems

    In every walk you take
    There will always be a bad day.
    When tears kept flowing
    From failures and disappointments,


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  • With You

    Poet Introduction

    • Published: May 2015

    in Inspirational Friend Poems

    No matter what sadness,
    I want to overcome it with you.
    No matter what race,
    I want to run with you.


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    I found this really touching and so true. Everything in here is what me and my best friend (Zara) are. This is an amazing poem. Good job.

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  • She Never Shed A Tear

    • Published: March 2011

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    When she was young, she bumped her head
    She did not shed a tear
    She scraped and bruised her knees
    She did not shed a tear...


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    This is so true. I cry almost every night. Nobody knows. People wonder why I get no sleep at night and they wonder why I never cry. Truth is I do cry, just not around them. I cry silently in...

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