Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Published: October 9, 2020

Poems About Fighting Breast Cancer

10 Poems About Fighting Breast Cancer

Millions of women are fighting a battle with breast cancer, and hundreds of thousands more are diagnosed with it every year. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time to spread awareness and educate people about this disease. During October, women are encouraged to get screened. People also share their stories about how they or their loved ones have been affected by breast cancer. Hearing stories from those who have walked this journey are a reminder that you are not alone. Millions of people have walked it or are currently going through this battle. May we lean on one another during times of need. And may we rally around those whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

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  1. A Wing And A Prayer

    • By Michelle Butler
    • Published: July 2013
    Inspirational Poetry For Cancer Patients

    in Courage Poems


    Under the wing of an angel, we feel protected.
    Through prayers to God, we feel connected.

    Peace is said to be offered on the wings of a dove.

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    I'm 13 years old and my family and I have been fighting for my mum who has stomach cancer and she's fighting it for us. When I was little, I remember Mum always being in a hospital and...

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  2. I Am Not A Victim Of Breast Cancer

    • By Laura Barnes
    • Published: August 2013
    Poem Of Overcoming

    in Inspirational Poems

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    I am not a victim of breast cancer. I am experiencing breast cancer.
    I am not dying. I am living.
    I am not curing. I am healing and restoring.
    I am not fearing. I am loving and trusting.

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    I am a two time cancer survivor. I had a wonderful doctor. The first time I had a lumpectomy and radiation. The second time was five years later and I had a mastectomy with radiation and...

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  4. My Special Sister Vicki

    • By Barbara Looney
    • Published: June 2007
    Sister Fighting Breast Cancer

    in Cancer Poems

    My special sister, I want you to know how much you mean to me.
    My special sister has strength and courage her whole family can see.
    My special sister showed us all how to handle life's blows.
    My special sister took it all in stride, smiled, and said, "That's how it goes."

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    I cried like a baby while reading this poem. I was the care giver to a very good friend of mine, Peggy Sue Smith. She was given the awful news that she six months without treatment to one...

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  5. Cancer

    • By Jessica Louise Wheeler
    • Published: December 2013
    Inspirational Poem For Fighting Cancer

    in Cancer Poems by Teens

    One day you showed up,
    With no reason why,
    You claimed your victims,
    You've made grown men cry.

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    Cancer is a life changer and heart breaker. It takes someone close to you and kills them. It has made grown men cry because they are sad that their loved one has died. We all try to fight...

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  7. Pink Ribbon

    Poem About Wife Dying From Breast Cancer

    in Wife Death Poems

    They said time would ease the pain.
    Every day I still feel the same.
    I wake every morning reaching for you,
    My pillow soaked with my tears like the morning dew.

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    Death Anniversary - I lost my wife to brain cancer on July 16, 2003. We were married for 5 years. We took her to the best hospital in Pakistan, and at third stage we thought we had beaten it...

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  8. Mother's Smile

    • By Tessa McGregor
    • Published: March 2008
    I Have Breast Cancer

    in Cancer Poems

    I remember your brave face through all the pain,
    The day you told us and I tried to remain sane.
    "I have breast cancer," you said as a matter of fact.
    Yet you didn't shed a single tear; you stayed intact.

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    Hello, I am going to die from stage 4 breast cancer that has traveled into my lungs. My doctor told me that I had to think on the time that I had left. Was I just slapped, because I thought I...

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  9. Think Pink!

    • By Ember Griswold
    • Published: October 2015
    Motivating Poem About Breast Cancer Awareness

    in Cancer Poems

    Each month be sure to check your breasts
    To ensure there aren't any unwanted guests.

    Cancer's next victim I will not be.

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  10. Imagine A World Without Cancer

    • By Michele Rosa
    • Published: May 2011

    in Cancer Poems

    Imagine there's no cancer.
    It's easy if you try.
    No pain or suffering
    Or waiting just to die.

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    It would be so easy to just imagine this because so many people die from of cancer. My Meme died because of breast cancer.

  11. The Beast Of Cancer

    • By Mari Fell
    • Published: October 2008

    in Cancer Poems

    The beast that can hit anyone at anytime and anywhere.

    It can control your mind if you let it.
    It can spread so fast like a beast with hunger.

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    I have known so many people, but the one that stands out the most is my Meme who battled and lost cancer.



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