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    Poems by Juli Nielsen

  • Dancing In The Rain

    • Published: August 2016

    in Depression Poems

    You've had those feelings... you wish your life was done.
    You're broken, defeated, and overcome.
    Each day more challenging than the last.
    Moments of weakness...emotions consistently masked.


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    Beautiful. Starting with pessimistic feelings, ending optimistically. True.
    Friends can change our lives for the better. Life is not to suffer, but to enjoy. How Is left to us to...

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  • Shell Of A Person I Once Knew

    • Published: August 2014

    in Sickness Poems

    You're the shell of the person I once knew.
    When I talk, I know you can hear,
    But I barely feel your spirit lingering near.


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    I hear what you are saying. It hurts a lot I know. When I was born my mothers lung both collapsed and when the doctor put a tube of oxygen into her lungs, it had golden staff on it. For the...

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