Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

About Laura Sanders

I enjoy writing poetry when I receieve the inspiration and I am finding there are plenty of topics to write about which I am keen for anyone to read.I also enjoy playing and listening to music and I play the guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and Irish tin whistle.

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    Poems by Laura Sanders

  • A Mother

    • Published: June 27, 2022
    A Caring Mother

    in Mother Poems

    A mother is someone who cares,
    Someone who will readily share.
    Who tries to bandage up cut knees,
    Who likes to give and to please.


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  • Dandelions Will Always Please Me.

    • pending
    • Posted on 04/22/22
    Dandelion Flowers A Herald Of Summer.

    in Flower Poems

    Bright, yellow gold, spangles the green.
    Brazen and beautiful, they are so clearly seen.
    Obtrusive and yet they are a welcoming sight.
    Denoting early summer's arrival of warmth and light.

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  • A Ukranian Soldiers Message.

    • pending
    • Posted on 03/22/22
    Ukranian Soldier's Message.

    in War Poems

    The end of the world has come,
    it is hopeless to hold just a gun!
    Do not want your sadness and pity,
    when the Russians shell our lovely city!

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  • The True Love Valentine

    • Published: February 13, 2022
    An Elderly Couple On Valentine's Day

    in Romantic Valentine's Day Poems

    Big, pink fluffy hearts could not convey
    what you mean to me this Valentine's Day.
    A card with fancy words saying, "I love you so,"
    could not capture my thoughts, but I think you know


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  • January She Comes.

    • pending
    • Posted on 01/11/22
    January She Comes.

    in Winter Poems

    January , she comes sneaking into my tired life,
    exhaling her sharp, crisp breath of white,
    like a frigid, uncaring, unloving wife,
    she too, can bite like a scorpion's bite.

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