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    Poems by Vanessa Kershaw

  • My Dad

    • Published: June 2010
    Poem About Disappointment After Finding Biological Dad

    in Angry Poems about Family

    I wished so much
    for my biological dad
    but now I've got him
    I'm feeling very sad...

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    I grew up in a very large, amazing loving family, they where so supportive and caring that one would never notice they only have one parent. Until my mom and I and my siblings moved to our...

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  • 2 People In 1 Body

    • Published: June 2015
    Poem About Multiple Personalities

    in Teen Mental Illness Poems

    she is so similar, yet different in every way
    I look in the mirror and we're identical
    yet inside tells a different story
    at times she is my best friend

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  • Goodbye, Grandad

    • Published: July 2010
    Poem About Preparing To Say Goodbye

    in Grandfather Death Poems

    the clock is ticking
    and time is passing by
    I love him very much
    and this is my goodbye

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    This has made me cry what a beautiful poem my grandad has died of the same thing this very week and he was a fighter until the end zxx he wouldn't rest until he had said his goodbyes to all...

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