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A daughter bemoans her parent's divorce, and cries for her mother who has left.

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To the author: thank you. She left us a week and six days ago and I feel …

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© Yvette Johnson

Published: Feb 2006

Come Back To Me, Mom

As I sit hear drowning in my sorrow
Wondering if their be another tomorrow

I cry yearning for my mother back
Was it my father, or was it bound to collapse
The happy years are how I remember
I ask, how did we get to this?
Why do we show so much hate?
Was it meant to be the way it is?

I'm crying mom, please come back, you mean a me and that is that.

I miss helping you and trying to protect you from bad.
Wait...I sound like a mother now, even thou I'm not.

I miss the laughter and seeing you smile
I just want it back,

Am I being punished for my sins or is this just the end?
My family is messed up, is it because of me or is it the way the family was dreamed to be?
Am I mad? Yes.
Am I sad? Yes.
But what matters most is I want my mother back.

My voice is cracking; I'm drowning in my tears
Come back to be and pick me up.
I need you now please come back.
These are my last words
Mom please come back home, and pick me up

From me to you I love you so much.


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  • by GC, America
  • 6/29/2014

To the author: thank you. She left us a week and six days ago and I feel this everyday, the loneliness hurts.


  • by alissa
  • Aug 2008

I miss my daughter a lot and I am thinking about the pain she must feel. this poem made me cry. it is a great job.


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