Grandfather Death Poem

My grampy was so much more than my grandfather. He was my best friend, my everything. He passed away last February of 2009 and we are approaching a year now since he's been gone. He fought 5 years of having ALS and I miss him more and more each day. It just doesn't seem to get any easier.

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You may sit by yourself one day, feeling sad and blue. You begin to …

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Published: Jan 2011

My Hero, My Inspiration, My Best Friend.

I sat down and thought today,
of every word I never got to say.
Tears are shed by your grave,
there's someone I need to save.

No more seeing your face,
it feels like I'm the one who lost the race.
Lying there without a sound,
your life is now heaven-bound.

God took you as he must,
no more lying, suffering, he brought trust.
Down he came and eventually went,
his messenger's he had sent.

When we look into the night sky,
we know you're right there.
And every time I feel like I want to cry,
I always remember how much you cared.

We need to look past, and move on
it's what you'd want to every new dawn.
Little do we know when we run out of time,
but, I do know you'll always be mine.


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  • by Blaire, Vancouver
  • Oct 2011

You may sit by yourself one day, feeling sad and blue.
You begin to wonder of it could possibly be true.
You start to think of ways to make yourself go on.
A dark place settles over you, where the light once shone.

Why are you still sitting there, felling sad and blue? Have you no idea, that I'm not done with you?
I'm still here.
I'm still here in the way the sun hits your skin.
I'm still here in the whispers in the wind.
I'm still here in grape you eat.
I'm still here in every stolen sweet.
I'm still here to soothe your wounded soul.
I'm still here in that pasta bowl.
You know I'm still here to fill your days with glee, because I know, by far, You aren't done with me.
My body is gone but I'm still here.
I hope you know it's true.
If you pause a second, you'll realize, I'd never leave you.


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