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My Grandmother passed away November 2, 30 minutes before I reached the hospital for her final breath. My Grandma meant the world to me. Dedicated to Flossie Alice McMillan 3/04/1906-11/02/2008 From your Granddaughter Jody Mark

Future Feelings About Grandma

© Jody Mark
Its only been a few minutes but seems like an eternity to me.
I miss my Grandma Flossie already and I wish she had stayed here with me.

Its only been a few hours but a million tears I have shed.
I long to hear her voice say my name and hold my hand as she always had.

Its only been a few days but my heart aches so bad.
I know she would say ...Please don't be so sad.

Its only been a few weeks but I still sit and wonder
if she knew I was there and how much I really cared.

Its only been a few months but I still wonder why?
Why Grandma didn't you wait for me to say I love you and Goodbye?

Its only been a few years but I still smile and sometimes cry
when I think about the 36 years Grandma McMillan and I shared.


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Published: Nov 2007

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  • My grandma passed away November 2 also... although she passed in 2001. But my grandma too meant the world to me... I feel for your pain. :( Sorry.

    Kayla Submitted Nov 2008

  • This poem has touch me so deeply. I just lost my Grandmother yesterday Friday. I miss her so much already. I love this poem. I wrote a similar one to share at her Funeral. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Montey Nickens Submitted Apr 2009

  • um my grandma just recently passes and she meant the world to me...
    if I would have been there an hour before and not at school I might have got to say good bye!!!
    Your poem was cool it really touched me!!

    gabi Submitted Sep 2009

  • Hello, my Grandma passed away last night...I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother I was touched by your poem and I now know the feeling when you lose someone VERY dear to you....

    Poonam Submitted Nov 2009

  • I didn't know how much I loved my grandma, until 2/17/2010, the day she passed. we shared 28 years hurts more than I thought it would. I'm thankful that I got to say goodbye and I LOVE U...also thanked her for all that she did. I will never forget her...always in my heart =(

    Denise, CA Submitted Jun 2010

  • My Grandmother passed away 3 and a half years ago. The night she died I called and spoke to my Grandfather because my Grandma was sleeping. I told him I was just calling to say hi and jokingly said just wanted to make sure you were both alive. 3 hours later my Grandfather called me and told me My Grandma had just passed away. I'm a writer... and your poem hit so close to home. Today would have been her 60th birthday. I can't stop crying even as I write this. I just wanted you to know that the poem is beautiful and I'm sure your Grandmother would have loved it.

    Crystal, NJ Submitted Oct 2010

  • I just lost my grandmother two days before thanksgiving and I'm having a very rough time she was only 65, I'm very touched by this poem.

    Courtney, NY Submitted Nov 2010

  • I lost my grandma on 7th Jan.. it came as a shock as I was planning to meet her on Feb. This poem has really touched me and helped me speak what I wanted to say.

    Pallavi, India Submitted Jan 2011

  • My grandmother passed the day after Easter, which was also my mothers 50th birthday. She was ill but getting better & I saw her a week before she had passed and she was happy and in good health, it seemed. the very last thing I said to her was I love you grandma, she said it back. Every year when I was little I used to help her make potato salad for Easter, and for the past few years I've been making it for my family since we moved away. I never made it right until this year it tasted just like hers, I just never got to tell her. Your poem is wonderful and really touched my heart. Thank you.

    Kathleen Submitted Jul 2011

  • My Grandma means the world to me. I got the phone call on Friday (9-30-11) that she has taken the turn for the worst and is in ICU in a different state than me. The doctors says anytime now. Just wanted to say how much your poem touched me.

    Lily, California Submitted Oct 2011

  • My Grandma passed away today :*( I'm not one of those people who can express the way my heart has broken. Thank you for your poem.

    Amber, Colorado Submitted Nov 2011

  • What a WONDERFUL poem, this poem has truely touched me, GOD bless you. My Grandmother passed away on Thursday night 6/28/12. I really miss her; she helped to take care of me when I was born 43 years ago and for the past 18 years I've had the privilege to help my mom take care of her; even up until her final breath, I was there. She was a wonderful lady with great wisdom. She was 99 years of age. I know she is in Heaven Shouting and Praising GOD!!! No more pain and no more suffering.

    Monica,Burbank Submitted Jul 2012

  • My grandmother passed away on July 28th, 2012 on my couch. It was just 11 days after her birthday. I went to bed the night before not knowing that the next morning would be the hardest day of my life to find her dead on my couch. This poem hit me hard. I love and miss you grandma.

    Robert Enid Submitted Nov 2012

  • I'm 14 years old and my meme passed away on Friday November 8 at 6:55 AM since then I just lie in my bed and look at her picture and listen to I will come to you and cry I miss her so much I love you meme ;(

    Timmins Ontario Submitted 11/14/2013

  • Hi today 2-8-2014, As I sit here with you waiting for you to take your last breath. I cry thinking of all the great times we spent together. You have been there for me in all the ways a grandma could be there for a grandson. I whispered in your ear thanking you for adopting my mom and giving her a beautiful life. Grandma you are so special to me and I'm going to miss you so much. I want you to keep fighting but I no it's time to go see your mom and dad in heaven, be free and know I love you grandma with all of my heart. God bless you.

    Dominic, Sonoma Area Submitted 2/8/2014

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