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I am at central university pursuing my research in the field of Biotechnology. Writing down poems and short stories have always been my passion since school days for it helped me to express my feelings which sometimes I find hard to tell. Though a research life is quite hectic, whatever time I have back home, I engage myself in putting down the thoughts in form of poetries. Writing poetries always excites me and helps me feel better especially at times when things really make me feel low. I have already published over a hundred poems in some reputed online journals. Family Friend forum has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts with readers and poets from different parts of the world.

The crackles of charcoals fill a space of a dimly lit room.
An ambience wearing a warm perfume of white fumes.
The slowly permeating cold tickling inside the clothed skin.
The silent winter cold has once again dropped in.
The quite shy finger digits peeping through the pocket.
Flexing hard to keep it open, the droopy-eyed socket.
The little mouth piping out rainless clouds turns a little foggy.
The thoughtless psyche entangle within contours of the rigid body.

    Poems by Arun Bahadur Gurung

  • Beautiful Summer Rain

    • Published: December 2019
    Haiku On Summer Rain

    in Haiku

    Rain danced on tin roof
    Play acoustic rhythm and blues
    Makes my heart dance too


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    Yeah, I can hear it too. I grew up in the South East, in a tin roofed house. During late spring and early summer, it would rain a lot and my grandmother, who raised me, loved the sound of the...

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  • A Morning (Haiku)

    • Published: August 2019
    Haiku About Nature In The Morning

    in Nature Poems for Kids

    Bees nudged the flowers
    Babies peeped out of the nest
    One fine crisp morning.


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  • My Mother

    • Published: April 2019
    Mother Acrostic Poem

    in Mother Poems

    M-My life would be a mess without you.
    O-Of many sacrifices, I can remember you made and ever do.
    T-The selfless love and kindness is an abundant blessing.
    H-Heart of yours as beautiful as the view of a sun rising.


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