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The bond that a child develops with his mother can never be severed. You grew as an organism inside her for nine months. She carried you and sustained you, sharing her sustenance with you through your umbilical cord. When you are born the cord is severed. It is never severed in her heart. That bond lasts forever. As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman who nurtured and loved us. But remember this, she will never forget you and never stop loving you.


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  1. Thoughts Of You

    • By Paula Stone
    • Published: February 2006
    Memories Of Being Your Mom

    Memories of another time still come
    To me and fill my mind, with thoughts
    Of you when you were young. I lie awake
    'Till the morning sun comes creeping...

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  3. All You Are To Me

    • By Jessie Sanders
    • Published: May 2015
    Inspirational Poem For A Mother Going Through A Tough Time

    Thank you, Mom...
    for the love, strength, and care
    for in this world that is quite rare
    for being my guardian and my guide

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  4. My Miracle

    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About Unconditional Love Of A Mother

    From the moment you were born
    I knew what love was really about
    I loved you more than anything
    Beyond the shadow of a doubt...

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  6. What I Would Do For You

    Mother To Child Poem

    I would do just about anything you'd ask,
    For you there's nothing I wouldn't do, there's no such task.

    I would walk without my shoes to the end of the Earth,...

    Mother To Child Poem, What I Would Do For You

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  7. The Mothering Job

    • By Marian N. Kehrley
    • Published: February 2006

    I watched my Mom fill out an application.
    I looked at the line that asks about past professions.
    I thought to myself, that space is too small
    To write down what she's been, to cover it all.

    The Mothering Job

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  8. Especially For You Mom

    • By Travis J. Harris
    • Published: February 2006

    I'm writing this poem for you, mom
    because I want this poem to be,
    my own special way of showing you
    how much you mean to me. ...

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  10. Motherhood

    • By Katherine L Dykstra
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About What It Means To Be A Mother

    Baby dolls and dinosaurs-
    one that cries, one that roars
    The pitter patter of little feet-
    a bike race in which they want you to compete

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  11. Do What I Can't

    Taking Mother For Granted Poem

    Make sure to call mama on Mother's Day
    Her birthday and the rest
    You know she's sitting by the phone
    Wishing you all the best....

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  12. Her Hands

    • By Maggie Pittman
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About All A Mother Does

    Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
    Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
    Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
    Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all....

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  13. Mom's Hands

    Poem About Arthritis

    To the strongest woman I will ever know.
    At first glance Mom's hands may seem crippled and meek.
    She flinches when you bump them and her grip is quite weak.
    But these hands are a reflection of the woman inside,...

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