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  • An Angel's Dad!

    • Published: March 2013

    in Baby Death Poems

    I can't begin to express the pain that I am in.
    I lost a part of me, and that hurts me deep within.
    You said goodbye before we ever got the chance to really say hello.
    You were gone in a flash, leaving tears mixed with love and sorrow.


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  • My Dreams For You

    • Published: July 2012

    in Baby Death Poems

    I had so many dreams for you
    That will now never come true.
    I wanted you to have the life I never had,
    Where every day was good and not one day was bad.


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    My Mom recently had twin boys and one recently died when he was just 4 months. We had many dreams for him. We are still shocked.

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  • The Strength You Gave Me

    • Published: October 2011

    in Baby Death Poems

    They tell me it's amazing how I've stayed so strong,
    but they don't see how I cry when I hear your song.
    They see the smile on my face but miss the hurt in my eye.
    I would rather seem rude than let them see me cry.


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    Great poem. My wife and I had just moved in our new house and went to sleep and woke up to our almost two-year-old baby boy not breathing. They said it was SIDS. It was the worst feeling in...

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  • Daniel Kerr
  • 10 years ago

Hi guys thank you so much for your messages, Natalie I hope you are finding some comfort and Seb what did you do the piece of work on and thank you? Please feel free to add Lexi's Facebook page to see what we are doing for the hospice who looked after her- Lexi Keech Charles-Kerr

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