Baby Death Poems

Poems for Infant Loss

Death of a loved one is always a cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief. We are programmed to expect that the old outlive the young. When a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be. When a baby passes, who has not even has the chance to experience life, his death seems meaningless. If he was meant to die so soon why did he even come into the world?

Poetry for Sudden Infant Death or Baby Loss


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  1. The Strength You Gave Me

    Poem By Father Of Dead Baby

    They tell me it's amazing how I've stayed so strong,
    but they don't see how I cry when I hear your song,
    they see the smile on my face but miss the hurt in my eye,
    I would rather seem rude than let them see me cry,...

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    This touched me because I, too, have lost an infant baby boy. He passed at only 2 weeks old. I also lost him to SIDS. It's only been 3 months and I'm completely dead inside. Nothing can ever...

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  3. Heaven's Rocking Chair

    Are there rocking chairs in Heaven
    where little babies go?
    Do the angels hold you closely
    and rock you to and fro? ...

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    Needed a poem to read at the graveside services for the 3 month old son of a young mother in the congregation, and this one was perfect!

  4. My Little Angel

    • By April Westlake
    • Published: July 2013
    Losing A Baby Isn't Easy

    I never got to hold you,
    Or kiss your little head
    Or watch you sleeping soundly,
    All snuggled in your bed....

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    I am 16 and I made a choice on Halloween night in 2017. My boyfriend left me a week later seeing as he got what he wanted. I found out I was pregnant. I didn't tell him. I was waiting for the...

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  6. In Heaven On Your Birthday

    • By Krista Nielsen
    • Published: July 2013

    Precious in your little frame, You danced into my heart.
    And with the grace with which you came, With grace you did depart.
    You held my finger in your hand, And with it held my soul.
    I fell in love with those wide eyes, One kiss and I was whole. ...

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    My baby girl name is Evelyn, and she died at 10 days old. They said she would not even last 1 day and she fought for 10. She's my little warrior, and though it's very painful and it's a wound...

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  7. Empty Arms

    Death Of A Baby Poem

    Holding out these empty arms
    Cursing my disillusionment
    Why did I imagine it could be any other way
    that I could have been content, dreams that's all it was,

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    (12/29) is Rebekah Leah-Dian's 20th birthday. I went to the hospital on 12/26 to find Rebekah was gone at the beginning of her 7th month of my pregnancy. I tried to give birth each day till...

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  8. Addison

    • By Lynsey
    • Published: March 2012
    Poem About Baby With Birth Defect Anencephaly

    My arms are so empty to hold you just once
    Even now I have not cried all my tears
    I miss you so much that I can not express
    The only regret, is that I did not love you as soon as I knew...

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    I just lost my daughter in May due to Anencephaly. She was diagnosed with it in February. We decided to try to carry to term. She came at 34 weeks and stayed with us for 1 hour and 19 minutes.

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  10. A Celebration

    • By Mike Salipot
    • Published: September 2011
    Father Deals With The Death Of Baby Poem

    Bought a cake on a Sunday
    For my son's special day,
    Brought flowers and a toy
    All for my little boy....

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  11. Hayley's Smile

    • By Amy L. Mercer
    • Published: February 2006
    Losing A One-Year-Old To A Brain Disease (Krabbe)

    My beautiful Hayley, one year old, how great you are to love and hold.
    Your smile through your tears makes me cry too, because I don't want this happening to you.
    You're an angel that hasn't done anything wrong and you're a baby that shouldn't have to be strong, but strong you are, as I can see.
    When you can hardly breathe and you watch and laugh at children swinging from trees and you play peek-a-boo and smile at me,

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    My girls Patricia and Isabelle passed to be with The Lord different years. Patricia not so long ago in 2012 on the 4th march aged 10 & Isabelle on the 27th November 1998. I get thru my days...

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  12. I Loved You First

    • By Kathleen Clifton
    • Published: November 2009

    The first time I felt you inside of me I knew,
    That I loved you with all my heart,
    And as you did each day, each month
    My love for you only grew....

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    Two and half years ago I give birth to two little angels born at 28 weeks, sadly my first son Leruo Darren Mafela died five hours after his birth due to Porter's Syndrome. Today his brother...

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  13. Beautiful Boy - RIP Darling Adrian

    • By Cara Veronica Doyle
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem About Being Blessed By Son's Short Life


    My darling Adrian,
    My love and my joy
    Can't believe it's today -
    you're my birthday boy...

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    I miss my brother, though I never got to meet him. He died just an hour after he was born. I miss him so bad. My family is all fighting back our tears.

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