Baby Death Poems

Baby Death Poems

Poems for Infant Loss

Death of a loved one is always a cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief. We are programmed to expect that the old outlive the young. When a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be. When a baby passes, who has not even has the chance to experience life, his death seems meaningless. If he was meant to die so soon why did he even come into the world?

Poetry for Sudden Infant Death or Baby Loss

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  1. Heaven's Rocking Chair

    Are there rocking chairs in Heaven
    where little babies go?
    Do the angels hold you closely
    and rock you to and fro?

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    On July 8, 2017, I lost my precious three month old granddaughter. She was at the sitter's and was found face down in the playpen. I received the call to rush to the hospital while my...

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  3. The Strength You Gave Me

    Poem By Father Of Dead Baby

    They tell me it's amazing how I've stayed so strong,
    but they don't see how I cry when I hear your song.
    They see the smile on my face but miss the hurt in my eye.
    I would rather seem rude than let them see me cry.

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    Great poem. My wife and I had just moved in our new house and went to sleep and woke up to our almost two-year-old baby boy not breathing. They said it was SIDS. It was the worst feeling in...

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  4. Grandpa

    The Loss Of A Grandson

    Dear Grandpa,

    I don't want you to worry about me.
    This was the plan from the very first day.

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    This poem is sad. It’s very sad to lose someone, especially a child or grandchild, and things like that happen all the time. What makes it even sadder is being a mom, dad, grandpa, or...

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  6. Baby Boy

    • By Angie Milton
    • Published: May 2015
    Poem Saying Goodbye To Unborn Son


    There are no words to say but, "I love you,"
    For I've shed tears to not have heard you coo.

    A mother's joy turned to grief in a moment so fast,

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    You were here, you were near. You grew, and I knew you were alive. I felt you move, I saw you grow, I heard your heart beat. My boy, that was your name, until I could learn to love your name....

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  7. Maleah Antionette Gray

    • By Courtney A. Eller
    • Published: December 2018
    God Gave Me An Angel

    God gave me an angel,
    A sweet, smiling baby girl.
    He gave her to me...
    10 little fingers, 10 tiny toes...all curled.

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  8. Hills & Valleys

    The hills, the valleys
    and the bends.
    Going up and down each day,
    wondering if my heart will mend.

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  10. Four Words

    falling deeper & deeper each day.
    wondering what else I'll lose
    and wondering if it'll go away.

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    I had my baby girl on the 7th of May 2019. She was the greatest gift that I have ever received since I was born. She was so healthy and very much lively till sickness started attacking...

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  11. In Heaven On Your Birthday

    • By Krista Nielsen
    • Published: July 2013

    Precious in your little frame, you danced into my heart.
    And with the grace with which you came, with grace you did depart.
    You held my finger in your hand, and with it held my soul.
    I fell in love with those wide eyes, one kiss and I was whole.

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    My baby girl died last April 15, 2017 because of congenital heart disease and did not survive the open heart surgery at the age of 1 year and nine months. Tomorrow (July 31) is her birthday....

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  12. Goodbye To My 4 Month Baby Cousin

    • By Cheyanne Ward
    • Published: October 2008

    It's time to say goodbye,
    and we don't understand why.
    Today is the day we lay
    our little man to rest.

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    My 4 month old cousin passed away almost 2 weeks ago to SIDS. He was the smiliest most angelic little boy I've ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. This poem made me cry. Thank you

  13. My Angel Baby

    • By Heather
    • Published: May 2009

    I never got to see your eyes
    or hold your hand or hear your cries.
    All I have are dreams of you,
    those of which will never come true.

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    Today we lost our little angel 20 weeks; my wife had slight bleeding for past few days; and doctor had prepared us for the worst; today morning her cervix was few cms dilated and by evening...

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