Baby Death Poems

Baby Death Poems

Poems for Infant Loss

Death of a loved one is always a cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief. We are programmed to expect that the old outlive the young. When a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be. When a baby passes, who has not even has the chance to experience life, his death seems meaningless. If he was meant to die so soon why did he even come into the world?

43 Poems for Sudden Infant Death or Baby Loss

  1. 1. Baby Boy

    • By Angie Milton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    I have a friend who has been having trouble with pregnancies. She was excited about making it past her first trimester. At her 19 week check-up, the doctor didn't find a heartbeat. After exams and tests, the doctor believed the baby stopped breathing about a week after her 16 week check-up. My friend went in to induce labor and deliver her baby boy who died inside her womb.

    Poem Saying Goodbye To Unborn Son

    There are no words to say but, "I love you,"
    For I've shed tears to not have heard you coo.

    A mother's joy turned to grief in a moment so fast,
    Hard to bear that your heartbeat had passed.

    Instead of Heaven sent, you were sent to Heaven to be;
    You're another guardian angel to watch over me.

    I was blessed enough to hold you so dear.
    I will try and fight all emotions of shedding a tear.

    Baby boy, baby boy, just know,
    You will always be loved; you'll see my tears flow.

    I must admit I don't agree of what plan
    God had for you and me.

    I shall not be angry or fall apart;
    Please just know I love you with all my heart.

    I'll see you someday in the future not so near,
    'Til then, baby boy, I'll love you from here.

    Poem Saying Goodbye To Unborn Son, Baby Boy

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    You were here, you were near. You grew, and I knew you were alive. I felt you move, I saw you grow, I heard your heart beat. My boy, that was your name, until I could learn to love your name....

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  3. 2. Heaven's Rocking Chair

    We lost a little grandchild to S.I.D.S. When we received the call and rushed to our daughter's home, we found her sobbing as she rocked her little son who had left this world. I wrote this poem in remembrance of that night.

    Are there rocking chairs in Heaven
    where little babies go?
    Do the angels hold you closely
    and rock you to and fro?

    Do they talk silly baby talk
    to get a smile or two,
    and sing the sleepy lullabies
    I used to sing to you?

    My heart is aching for you,
    my angel child so dear.
    You brought such joy into my life
    the short time you were here.

    I know you're in a happy place
    and in God's loving care.
    I dream each night I'm rocking you
    in Heaven's rocking chair.

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    On July 8, 2017, I lost my precious three month old granddaughter. She was at the sitter's and was found face down in the playpen. I received the call to rush to the hospital while my...

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  5. 3. Hills & Valleys

    I wrote this October 30th - 7 1/2 weeks since I lost my baby. I feel like I've come along since then, but I have my days that I still feel like this.

    The hills, the valleys
    and the bends.
    Going up and down each day,
    wondering if my heart will mend.

    Sure, the pain will lessen
    and I'll genuinely smile once more,
    but the emptiness will stay
    and my heart will forever be sore.

    You were all I ever wanted,
    and now you'll never be.
    You were going to be my future;
    now that has ceased for me.

    I can't help this feeling
    of feeling so alone,
    but I just can't talk about it.
    I don't want to be a moan.

    So I'll keep writing
    and talking to you in my mind.
    Until we meet one day
    and then true joy I will find.

    I'm not saying
    it's going to be soon,
    even if it's years from now,
    my joy will be over the moon.

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  6. 4. The Strength You Gave Me

    My wife and I had our beautiful baby girl, Lexi, on September 2, 2011. We were told something was wrong with her, but no one was sure exactly what. That night we were told that she would be dead within 15 minutes. Lexi had other plans and fought hard for 19 days. My wife and I wanted to share her strength with the world and we often updated our friends and wider community through Facebook. This helped us to cope better with Lexi's illness and has helped us feel supported in her death.

    Poem By Father Of Dead Baby

    They tell me it's amazing how I've stayed so strong,
    but they don't see how I cry when I hear your song.
    They see the smile on my face but miss the hurt in my eye.
    I would rather seem rude than let them see me cry.
    I put on this front as I don't want the world to see
    the pain and sorrow so deep inside me.

    I don't act this way 'cause I'm ashamed to feel the way I do.
    I act this way in honour of you,
    because although I hurt right now and my heart is broken,
    I can't help but feel pride and love when your name is spoken.
    My strength comes from the love you gave to me,
    and it's that strength I want the world to see.

    I will always love and miss you;
    that I will never hide,
    and when people ask me about my daughter,
    they will always see my pride.
    You were so precious and your memory will always live on.
    I'll never be sad that I had you, only that you're gone.

    My tears are not a sign of my weakness;
    they are a sign of the love I have inside.
    They will always fall down my cheeks
    when I think of you with pride.
    They say it takes a real man to admit when he is sad,
    but how can I be sad when I look at the daughter that I had?
    I will always have the memories of my little girl,
    and you will always be my world.
    Always remember you gave me this strength and that
    you will always be your daddy's little girl!!!

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    Great poem. My wife and I had just moved in our new house and went to sleep and woke up to our almost two-year-old baby boy not breathing. They said it was SIDS. It was the worst feeling in...

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  7. 5. Four Words

    After 5 years of trying I finally got pregnant the beginning of June 2008 . I was ecstatic. My mum passed away June 10, 2007 so I thought this was her final gift to me, as she always wanted to be a grandmother. As of September 11 (what a great date already), I lost my precious gift.
    I know everything happens for a reason. I know there is sunshine at the end of this rainstorm, but it sure doesn't feel like it right now.

    falling deeper & deeper each day.
    wondering what else I'll lose
    and wondering if it'll go away.

    It's something I sometimes feel.
    that the pain I have inside
    could not possibly be real.

    Not something that disappears
    despite what I wish for
    I have never ending tears.

    That's what I often do
    I will never forgive myself.
    My heart's permanently broken in two.

    These four simple words
    to describe my feelings inside.
    wishing I could crawl into myself
    to stay forever and hide.

    There are days I wonder
    if these feelings will go.
    If it's possible for me
    to not feel so low.

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    I had my baby girl on the 7th of May 2019. She was the greatest gift that I have ever received since I was born. She was so healthy and very much lively till sickness started attacking...

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  8. 6. Grandpa

    We lost our grandson after birth in January 2018. He had a disease, and we knew we'd lose him. It affected his organs and took one of his legs. My husband has been struggling with this. In efforts to comfort him in any way I could, I wrote this poem for him. My husband's grandpa passed away many years ago, and he always says that he just wishes he had one more day with him. I know my husband knows that his grandfather is with his grandson in heaven, but he still struggles with this loss every single day.

    The Loss Of A Grandson

    Dear Grandpa,

    I don't want you to worry about me.
    This was the plan from the very first day.
    God told me to trust him, you see,
    To believe and trust his way.

    When Mommy told you about me,
    I saw that sadness in your eyes,
    What to feel or how to be.
    Yes, Grandpa, I heard your cries.

    I know that this was hard for you,
    And I saw you on your knees,
    Praying for a miracle to come true.
    Your heart was on your sleeve.

    I heard you scream to Jesus why,
    Blaming him for losing me.
    I'll always be your grandson,
    And my grandpa you'll always be.

    I found comfort in your arms
    And the love you had for me.
    I'm not far from where you are.
    In your heart I'll always be.

    Heaven is really a peaceful place.
    I'll meet you again one day.
    Keep your faith and always pray.
    Know Jesus and trust his way.

    I felt you hold my hand that day
    And say your I love you's.
    Up here, Grandpa, I can run and play.
    Close your eyes, you'll see me, too.

    The day I left this life to be
    In heaven with someone new.,
    Not only Jesus Christ, you see.
    I met your grandpa, too.

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    This poem is sad. It’s very sad to lose someone, especially a child or grandchild, and things like that happen all the time. What makes it even sadder is being a mom, dad, grandpa, or...

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  9. 7. Maleah Antionette Gray

    • By Courtney A. Eller
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2018

    My poem is written in perspective of a close friend of mine. She was diagnosed with breast cancer following her daughter's birth and was told it was not genetic but came from complications with preeclampsia during her pregnancy. Maleah was her angel and her reason to fight. Three months into her cancer battle and when Maleah was 7 months old, she got the phone call that her husband and daughter were in a minor fender bender car wreck. In less than an hour, Maleah passed from internal injuries.

    God Gave Me An Angel

    God gave me an angel,
    A sweet, smiling baby girl.
    He gave her to me...
    10 little fingers, 10 tiny toes...all curled.

    God gave me an angel
    Whose smile could light the dark.
    He gave her to me
    To hold deep within my heart.

    God gave me an angel
    In the form of this perfect baby girl.
    He gave her to me
    To change my whole world.

    God gave me an angel,
    A special gift he gives very few.
    He gave me an angel
    To touch the lives of me and you.

    God gave me an angel.
    Though I could only keep her for a while,
    He let me keep the memories
    That will always make me smile.

    God gave me an angel.
    Her time was just for show.
    He may have given me an angel,
    But he never told me I'd have to let her go.

    For the only problem with having an angel,
    Is they're too perfect for this world
    Once you've held a piece of Heaven
    In the arms of your baby girl.

    God gave me an angel,
    This I know is true.
    For my life can never be the same,
    All because I met you...

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  10. 8. Goodbye To My 4 Month Baby Cousin

    • By Cheyanne Ward
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    This poem was for my 4-month-old baby cousin that passed away on April 23, 2008. He was born on December 12, 2007. He was premature, and he died of S.I.D.S. I loved him with all my heart; this poem's is to show that when you lose a baby or a loved one that they will always be with you. His name was Nicholas Joseph Britzki. I LOVE YOU, NICHOLAS!

    It's time to say goodbye,
    and we don't understand why.
    Today is the day we lay
    our little man to rest.
    Everyone knows he was the best.
    He was our miracle, our dream come true,
    and we are here to comfort you.
    Though today we say goodbye,
    just remember he never really dies,
    for in our hearts his spirit lies.
    If he could talk, I know he'd say,
    "Mommy, daddy, please don't cry,
    for I am not gone; I'm flying high.
    I'm that brand new twinkle in the sky.
    I know one day I'll see you again,
    and until then,
    hold your heads up high,
    and just remember I'm standing by,
    for I'm the light of the moon
    and the sunlight in the sky,
    so please be strong, and it won't be long
    till we're together again.
    Love your little man"

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    My 4 month old cousin passed away almost 2 weeks ago to SIDS. He was the smiliest most angelic little boy I've ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. This poem made me cry. Thank you

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  11. 9. Baby Boy Silas

    My husband and I were having our 1st grandchild, and it was a boy! We received devastating news that he had a rare disease and all of his internal organs were going to be on the outside of his body. The doctor informed us that he would only live a few minutes. We buried our precious angel in Feb of 2018. We were all heartbroken to see our daughter have to go through such heartache. I wrote this for our grandson to be read at his funeral. Silas Michael Speck, until we meet again one day!

    The Loss Of A Grandchild

    Now we lay you down to sleep.
    Our baby boy's soul to keep.
    We pray you feel how much you're loved.
    So many hearts you've surely touched.

    You've had our hearts from day one.
    A blessing above to be given a son.
    I'd hoped to cradle you and rock you fast asleep,
    Holding you so close feeling every single heartbeat.

    To hear your first sweet words or watch that first step,
    Playing peek-a-boo with you, our hearts would surely melt.
    For this is not goodbye; God has promised this to me.
    You will always be our baby, and in our hearts you'll always be.

    For our sweet baby boy, today you've gained your wings.
    As we hand you back to God, we can hear those angels sing.
    Heaven will be waiting for you, and until that day you greet us,
    Our baby you'll always be; letting go unto the arms of Jesus.

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  12. 10. A Beautiful Little Angel

    • By Amor Hall - Pineda
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    I wrote this poem for my niece who lost her firstborn child during delivery because of negligent doctors and staff at the hospital she was admitted. Please pray for her and our family as we move forward to pursue justice and accountability against those who failed to "first do no harm." Khayeden was a victim of grave medical malpractice that resulted in her untimely death...

    Poem About Losing Firstborn

    Heart full of joy and excitement
    To meet you face to face.
    Months of waiting and anticipating
    To give you my soft embrace.

    Amazed at God's blessed marvel,
    I watched in wonder as you grew.
    For nine months you were my daily miracle,
    Every move I felt, sparked a love so new.

    Now my little one lies here with me,
    In a deep slumber she'll forever be.
    Pretty eyes I'll never be able to see,
    Nor hear her voice be filled with glee.

    My heart is in grief; it feels so empty.
    The reason you're gone is still a mystery.
    You are my beautiful little angel.
    Most treasured but not meant to be with me.

    Rest now, my beautiful little angel...
    You are loved and you will be missed.
    Forever in our heart is where you'll stay,
    Until we see you again someday.

    We love you, Khayeden Germay...

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  13. 11. My Angel Baby

    • By Heather
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    I wrote this poem for a very close friend of mine. Last year, she became pregnant with her first child. At eight weeks she had a miscarriage. It was totally unexpected and incredibly traumatic for her. But she trusted in the Lord through the entire trial and with His help and strength made it through. So, that being said, I wrote this poem for her and in memory of her baby. Enjoy!

    I never got to see your eyes
    or hold your hand or hear your cries.
    All I have are dreams of you,
    those of which will never come true.
    My heart sank the day that I knew
    I would never get to meet you.
    I had made plans and had aspirations.
    If only I had a little more patience.
    I never thought the Lord would take you
    away from me so soon.
    But I'll never forget that dismal day,
    around two in the afternoon.
    The day I knew something was not right,
    and through many tears I would have to fight.
    Now, all I do is dream every night
    about what life would have been like.
    What if you really had been born?
    But all we have are dreams of that,
    and all we can do is mourn.
    We will not mourn for you though,
    because we know you're where you need to be,
    even though it isn't here with me.
    You are my angel baby because God wanted you with Him.
    Now, forever with his angels, His praises you will sing.
    None of my dreams for you will ever come true,
    because of that day God chose to take you.
    But, my angel baby, you will always be
    in my heart forever, forever a part of me.

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    Today we lost our little angel 20 weeks; my wife had slight bleeding for past few days; and doctor had prepared us for the worst; today morning her cervix was few cms dilated and by evening...

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  14. 12. Gone But Not Forgotten

    I lost a baby due to stillbirth. One moment my world was full of anticipation and hope...the next it fell to pieces. I fell into a deep black hole. This is a tribute to him.

    Loss Due To Stillbirth

    You were a ripple on a glass-like pond,
    Just a moment in time; it's hard to respond.

    A wave crashing onto an empty beach,
    I went to talk, but I've lost all speech.

    A whisper in the winter night's air.
    How can this be true, how can this be fair?

    You were meant to live; this just feels rotten.
    You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

    A ray of sunshine through darkened clouds.
    The silence is deafening amidst the crowds.

    The sound of a bee on a summer's day,
    You were here for a moment, but then you went away.

    I keep you in my heart like a trap I'm caught in.
    You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

    I will love you always, you have to know.
    You were so small, no time to grow.

    You were here for a moment, and then you were gone.
    It's hard to move forward; it's hard to go on.

    I remember you still; I wrapped you in cotton.
    You're gone now, but you're not forgotten.

    I want to shout, and I still want to scream.
    I want to wake up out of this terrible dream.

    Your beauty took my breath away.
    I wish you could still be here; I wish you could stay.

    I'm meant to move on; I'm meant to climb,
    But how do I move past that brief moment in time?

    There's only one thought when I remember you now.
    The promise I made, I remember my vow.

    I know what I told you; I'd love you forever.
    You're gone now, but forget you? Never!!

    So remember please my only begotten.
    You're gone now, but you're not forgotten...

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  15. 13. In Heaven On Your Birthday

    • By Krista Nielsen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    My Charlyze was alive for three months and I can say without doubt that those were the best months of my life. She did more for me and my family than most people do in their lifetime. She was born with a very rare case of petty syndrome. Being only the ninth case, we did our best to prepare for the worst. No preparation is enough to ready you for the loss of your child. I will always miss my little monkey, but one day I will see her again. I will not have these empty arms forever.

    Precious in your little frame, you danced into my heart.
    And with the grace with which you came, with grace you did depart.
    You held my finger in your hand, and with it held my soul.
    I fell in love with those wide eyes, one kiss and I was whole.
    You caught me by surprise the way your only need was me.
    And I learned I need you too, but I had to set you free.
    Your monkey feet have left such an imprint in my life.
    And sometimes I still hear you crying for me in the night.
    You're in heaven on your birthday, and I can see you way up there,
    With the cutest party dress on and a bow tied in your hair.

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    My baby girl died last April 15, 2017 because of congenital heart disease and did not survive the open heart surgery at the age of 1 year and nine months. Tomorrow (July 31) is her birthday....

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  16. 14. From The Heart

    • By Kenna Hodgson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    The story behind my poem is the story of my own loss and sadness as a mother losing her child and also about how through this pain I gained wisdom and inner strength. My little baby was a very special gift to my life.

    To my little angel in the sky
    Six years ago mummy had to kiss you goodbye
    I didn't want to let you go
    But you made me a better person, I want you to know
    Because of you there is nothing I'm scared to do
    So my beautiful baby
    Every sunset will always be for you

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    When I was five my first sibling was born. He was born on July 8. His umbilical cord was kinked. If he were still alive he would have been in a wheelchair, mentally handicapped, and many...

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  17. 15. Never Far Away

    This poem was written many years after suffering the loss of my son.

    A Way To Remember My Son

    This locket that was given to me
    Lays gently around my neck.
    Inside I carry his picture
    Of my son you've never met.

    The birth was such a special day
    And will be forever in my heart.
    The untimely death of my son
    Has torn my world apart.

    He only lived a few short days,
    And those days were just the best.
    When I see a child, I think of him
    And know we did what's best.

    I hold this locket in my hand
    And thank God above
    For giving me a chance to know
    This child made out of love.

    This locket still reminds me
    Of his short time here on earth.
    I keep it close, next to my heart,
    To ease some pain and hurt.

    Those precious moments of happiness
    Turned into days of joy.
    I feel it keeps me connected
    To the memories of my little boy.

    I held him tightly in my arms
    As he took his final breath.
    This locket helps me honor him
    Even in his death.

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  18. 16. Dear God

    • By Jo Huggins
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

    I was so excited to be having a son so my husband could carry on his last name because there are no more boys to carry the last name. I was so excited about having another child. My son was born at 32 weeks. I went to the doctor on a Thursday and told him I was having contractions and bleeding. He thought I had a UTI even though the test came back negative. He sent me home and told me to drink plenty of water and gave me an antibiotic. My son was born that Sunday morning. I had placenta abruption.

    I know I don't pray to you as often as I should,
    But I need you to help me, please, if you would.

    Will you please give a message to my little angel Luke?
    I know this is a big thing I ask of you,
    Oh! Tell him the message is from his Daddy too!

    My beautiful son, there's so much I need to say,
    Things I didn't get to tell you on that cold, sad day.

    Son, your Daddy and I love you.
    Even though you are not here,
    In our hearts we will always hold you dear.

    I know we're not supposed to ask God why,
    But I ask God constantly why you had to die.

    We don't always feel it,
    But God has helped your Dad and me.
    There's some things he has brought to our attention,
    Some things he wanted us to see

    I have always heard things happen for a reason,
    That it happens in its own due season.

    Something good always comes out of something bad,
    So here are some reasons to help me from being so sad.

    You were taken from us on that cold December day,
    But heaven is your home forever to stay.

    We will never get to see you walk,
    Or as a little man grow,
    But sickness or pain you will never know.

    Tears I will never get to wipe from your eyes.
    When this makes me sad, I will just look to the sky.

    I will always wonder what color your eyes would have been.
    Then I think, they never saw sin.

    Heaven or Hell, you didn't have to choose.
    For that reason you did not lose.

    I know you're with Jesus.
    For this I can grin.
    Because you didn't have a choice,
    You couldn't help but win.

    Son, I do have some memories of you,
    Even though they are few,
    But these memories are going to help me make it through.

    Like you moving inside me
    That I am thankful I got to feel.
    It's these memories that are going to help me heal.

    Luke, I just wanted to tell you that I love you,
    And goodbye I will not say,
    Because goodbyes are forever, and I will be with you again someday.
    So until then, continue to laugh and play.
    Your Daddy and I love you and that's all I need to say.

    God, there is one more thing you can give my son
    That I did not get to give.
    God will you please give this to him?
    Tell him it's from Mommy,
    That it's my special kiss.

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    I just wanted to thank the author of this poem. I usually try to write something every year that I can post I'm memory of my son. Thirteen years ago today, my baby boy died at 4 1/2 months...

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  19. 17. I Love You This Much

    • By Janet Smith
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    I wrote this poem after my baby boy passed away on July 7, 2011. He was so loved and such a happy baby. He brought so much joy to our lives every day. He died from SIDS, and we will never be the same.

    Mommy, Mommy,
    please don't cry.
    I'm in heaven now,
    so dry your eyes.
    God is keeping me safe and warm,
    just as you did from the day I was born.
    We don't know for sure why this happened to me,
    but in your heart, mind, and soul I will always be.
    We need to cherish the memories,
    till the day you're here with me.
    Think of all the times you made me laugh and smile.
    That should make you feel better Mommy...just for a while?
    Even though I passed away so young,
    I'm still living, Mommy,
    and still so strong.
    You made me the little boy I am today,
    now let God take over; he has his ways.
    I'm an Angel now, Mommy,
    watching over you,
    so please don't hurt or cry,
    I will feel it too.
    Oh, I wanted to let you know I have received my wings.
    When we see each other again,
    I will teach you how to use these things.
    I want you to laugh, Mommy,
    and I will too.
    I know it's so hard and you can't feel my touch,
    but just remember, Mommy,

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    I cried reading this poem..Couldn't put it in more beautiful words. My heart is bleeding now- we lost our precious baby boy Louie only four days ago... He was born with a rare bleeding...

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  20. 18. Letter From Heaven

    • By Kali Aaron
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2016

    My story starts when I got pregnant with our son. My fiancé and I were excited but scared. We were getting ready to start our family. Aidyn Isaiah Queen was born December 18, 2012, weighing 5lbs. We got to bring him home, and everything was picture perfect. Then one day, on December 23, he got sick and we took him to two different hospitals before they found out what was wrong with him. Turns out our 6 day old baby had a hole in his stomach. He passed on Christmas Eve 2012.

    Dear Mommy,
    I love you very much,
    So I want you to know,
    Being with Jesus is so much fun.
    I play with the other children all day long.

    The grass is green here.
    The clouds are fluffy white.
    The water, crystal clear,
    And the food is a delight.

    I know that things are tough there,
    But everything will be all right.
    Look at the stars and the moon.
    Just know I am out here looking back at you.

    It seems like forever since we were together,
    And the time we spent was short.
    Please don't worry and do not hurry.
    We will be together again.

    Everything will get better.
    Daddy will come home soon.
    You can trust what I say;
    I have pretty good connections here!
    Until we are together again, just know I love you!

    Love, Aidyn

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  21. 19. An Angel's Dad!

    This is third poem I am submitting about my beautiful daughter, Lexi, who passed away last year. I have never really written poems before she died, and I find it a way to express how I feel about my ongoing pain.

    I can't begin to express the pain that I am in.
    I lost a part of me, and that hurts me deep within.
    You said goodbye before we ever got the chance to really say hello.
    You were gone in a flash, leaving tears mixed with love and sorrow.
    I don't know if you chose your path or it was chosen for you,
    but I'm glad I was on your journey before you got your wings and flew.
    You're my angel now watching over us from above,
    My inspiration for life and my teacher of the meaning of love.
    In 19 days, you taught me more than I even thought I could know.
    How could something so small have so much courage to show?
    You taught me that I need to stay strong and never give up,
    that it doesn't matter if it is half empty or full, just enjoy the cup.
    It's funny how someone that was only here for such a little while
    can be remembered with every heartbeat, tear, and smile.
    The pain I have in my chest does not make me feel sad;
    it's just the battle wound I have for being an Angel's Dad!

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  22. 20. Daddy's Little Angel

    My friends lost their baby just before her birth. This poem is for them and for all the other parents who have carried their babies but God had other plans for their little ones.

    You Mean The World To Us

    Tiny angel, baby girl
    Spread your wings and fly.
    God picked you as his special angel,
    Up there in the sky.

    Your mum and I are very sorry
    For all that you went through.
    I am forever devastated that
    We never got to meet you.

    We missed seeing your little smile,
    Your little eyes and nose.
    We missed holding your tiny hands
    And tickling your little toes.

    We thought we would get to share
    Good times, laughter and fun,
    But sadly you were taken from us
    Before your life had begun.

    I will think of you every single day,
    And I know your mum will too.
    And we will keep you close to our heart
    In everything we do.

    So whenever I see beautiful rainbow
    High up in the sky
    Or in the garden when I see
    A graceful butterfly flutter by,

    I'll think of you, my little one
    'Cause you will always be
    Forever in our hearts
    For your beautiful mummy and me.

    I will look to the sky on a starry night
    And search for the brightest star,
    As I will know that will be you
    Shining down on us from afar.

    Tiny angel, baby girl
    Mummy and Daddy want you to know
    That you mean the world to us.
    We love you forever so.

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