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    Poems by Demecia Dean

  • Daughter To Mother

    • Published: June 2008
    Appreciating What Mom Has Done Poem

    in Mother Poems

    Sorry for the time we lost through all my tantrums and fits
    Sorry for the fights that drove you to your last wits
    Sorry when you needed a hug I was never there
    Sorry for the times you felt like I would never care...


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    I was born and raised in the absence of my father. My mother who went through all the ups and downs of life purposed it in her heart to keep the whereabouts of my father. Tried her best to...

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  • Granny

    • Published: June 2008

    in Grandmother Poems

    Her smile can light up a room
    Her presence is of grace
    Her opinions are heard without one word
    but by the look upon her face...


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    This is everything that my grandmother had done for me until she deid from cancer but all I know is when my kids have their own. I will be just like her because she showed me how to be the...

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