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Fiona Halliday has loved poetry all her life. She has written many poems over the years. Fiona is a primary school teacher and loves writing for children. When she is not reading or writing poetry, she spends time with her family and plays the flute. She writes for pleasure, fun and education!
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    Poems by Fiona Halliday

  • Hand Of Age

    This poem is free verse, using stanzas that are 3 lines long. It refers to how our bodies change as we get older, with various aches and pains! However, it uses personification to explain these changes as a hand passing over us. It is not all bad news, though, as we still feel young on the inside and can find joy in life! I hope it will speak to many people!

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    • Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    in Change Poems

    The unfriendly hand of age
    Creeps up and takes hold
    Of my fingers, twisting them

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  • Halloween

    • Published: November 1, 2022

    in Halloween Poems

    Halloween is spooky,
    Halloween is fun,
    Zombies have such pointy teeth,
    Ghouls and ghosts have none.


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  • Going Forward

    • Published: May 2022

    in Compassion Poems

    Teach me patience, when there is anger,
    Teach me strength, when there is injustice,
    Teach me compassion, when there is need,
    Teach me empathy, when there is sadness,


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  • Tears

    • Published: February 2022

    in Current Events Poems

    Tears of anger,
    Fear, anguish,
    We pray for Ukraine.
    Tears of worry,


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  • Time Blessing

    • Published: January 2022

    in Hope Poems

    May you know you are loved,
    Every step of the way,
    May you always have time,
    For one another each day.


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